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What Is Pedagogy

Pedagogy most commonly used in education. Pedagogy is a Greek word that signifies to lead the child. And pedagogue is a tutor or an educator. Eventually meaning of pedagogy has found very distinct meaning of creating an educational process resulting in knowledge transfer to students.…

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What is Biochemistry

Biochemistry as word says, it is biological chemistry. In other words, it is study of chemical course of action in living beings. Biochemistry is most important to all areas of biology and life sciences. Main goal of the study is to understand entire characteristic of living organisms at molecular stage.…

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What Is Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is concerned with the thinking and behavioral pattern of a person while determining the lawful rights in the system of the legal justice. An expert forensic psychologist works and studies the minds of an aggrieved as well as the accused in a legal battle. 

Many courts and police departments appoint the forensic experts who have good experience, knowledge and practice in the field of Forensic psychology.…

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What is the Peace Corps

A Peace Corps organization developed, by the government, of the united states, for the civilians, to build a better understanding, among the citizens, of other countries, with a bonding relationship. The Peace Corps work in developing the social and economic backbone, in the country.…

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