Am I Addicted to Gambling

Gambling is different things to different people. It is a way of spending time in a relaxed manner for some people. Such people do not gamble with big money. They consider it like spending money to see a picture or going to a theatre or on a picnic. Therefore they are ready to write off any losses that occur at a gambling place. Any gain is welcome. They go to casinos with some reputation for fair dealings with little chance of being cheated. With online gambling becoming available these days there is little chance of these people getting addicted even though addiction happens to some even they play from their homes.

 For some people gambling is in born, they take pleasure in wagering almost on everything. Addiction need not happen due to success in betting because the urge is always there within and a feeling that next time they bet will win them a jackpot. More than casinos gambling addition happen to people who bet on horses either at the race course or through bookies.

 Friends and relatives of a gambling addict cannot make out his failing from his appearance. Gamblers are good actors and their facial appearance will never reveal what is going on in their minds. The problem with addicts is that money is not the sole criterion for what they are doing. It is the innate urge that pushes them more and more. A study has shown that addicts who visit casinos regularly or play online casino games choose the slot machine or the roulette for their betting. They do not want to be a part of a group of people playing the same game.

 The real problem with a gambler with addiction is that when he is losing continuously refuses to quit. He continues to play and when he finds all his used up he does not hesitate to borrow money heavily or pledge his valuables. At the end of all he suffers immensely and brings his family to great distress. Family members will come to realize the problem only when they find that he cannot provides for the family and creditors start squeezing him for money borrowed by him.

 You can be termed as an addict if you bet heavily beyond your means and go on repeating it. Addiction needs treatment in the hands of specialists who have got training on the subject of addiction. Several de-addiction clinics have sprung up in the country all run by qualified specialists. Most of them relate to drug and alcohol addiction. But treatment is given to cure any form of addiction. Full cooperation of the patient is required for success. 

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