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What Are the Different Bob Hairstyles

Choosing a perfect hairstyle, while you consider going for a change in looks, is one of those toughest and risky decisions that elude most of the women. There are times when you try out a gorgeous hairstyle, but yet it turns out to be flop due to the maintenance factors that is originally required for that particular hair cut.…

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What is Alpha Hydroxy

Skin care forms an important sector in the cosmetic industry wherein new products keeps coming and promises of a healthy skin. Though all of them don’t keep up with such promise, there are still genuine products, that could actually do wonders on skin as promised, rather than just giving temporary effects which gets faded off over time.…

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What Are Open Pores

Pores are small hole on our body through which the hair emerges. The pores which are on the face get fair share of their attention because of many skin problems associated with it. The people who have oily skin have to face more problem as the oiliness increases the pore and their chance to get clogged.…

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How Do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Soap

The moisturizing soaps are the ones which do not dry our skin after the bath and are gentle on the skin. Most of these soaps have moisturizing portion as glycerin, shea or cocoa butter. Due to the presence of these constituents these soaps are considered luxury soaps and are on the higher side in pricing when compared to normal soaps.…

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What Is an Exfoliating Cream

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells. The exfoliating creams are the creams which are used to remove dead cells from the skin leaving the skin looking healthier and glowing. These creams are mostly used on the face and other hard areas of the body like heels of the feet and elbow.…

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