7 Effective Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Beds bugs are a common house problem nowadays, and almost every household has at some point experienced the infestation of this scary and potentially dangerous creature. There are many other bugs that may look like bed bugs, for more information you can check them here. Not only can bites be annoying but they also pose various health risks.

Sometimes, it feels like there is no other way to get rid of them without a professional exterminator. But don’t worry, if you are a an antagonist of insecticides, because there are tons of home remedies available to keep you away from these filthy brown insects. Check out these 7 tried and tested natural home remedies.

1. Vacuum Everything

I find this technique to be extremely effective with getting rid of the bed bugs because it’s easy and and everyone has a vacuum cleaner at home. Not just that, it’s very convenient to just vacuum everything that you come across. No sprays, no mess, no liquids.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere and they aren’t necessarily confined to your mattress. So vacuum everything like table, chairs, sofas, carpets, soft furnishings, curtain mattress. Make sure no stone is left unturned while vacuuming your entire home. Also, do this once a week to avoid recurrence of bed bugs.

2. Use Steam

Bed bugs can’t survive at very high temperatures. So your best bet is to cook them using steam. This method is also great to sanitise your clothing and bedding. Use high temperature steam of around 120 degree Celsius to kill everything, from bacteria, microbes to bed bugs.

After steaming, don’t forget to dry the stuff and put it in clean plastic bag (like bedding or clothing) to avoid any further infestation. While vacuum is a charming way to deal with the bed bugs, sometimes, you have to take radical steps like steaming everything that you come across.Steaming is the perfect way to kill not just the bed bugs but also their eggs.

Another great advantage of steam is that it penetrates deep into those places that aren’t accessible otherwise with other treatments. If you don’t want to hire professional steam cleaners, you can try get yourself a handheld steam cleaner with strong vapour flow.

Regardless of what kind of steaming method you use, make sure that the steam is dry not wet, as it can ruin your fabrics of furniture. Just like you would vacuum everything, steam in a very similar fashion your fixtures and furniture, to the bedding, flooring, cabinets and everything else that seems like a good hiding spot for these little critters.

3. Use High Temperate Washing Technique

You can steam almost everything, but if you are planning to give your clothing or bedding a wash, try to do it on very high temperatures. This will work much like steaming. This technique is only suitable for clothing and bedding. You can try this for your washing session, but steaming is more preferable over this, every time.

4. Use Tea Tree Oil

Sometimes, it just makes me wonder how tea tree oil is a miraculous all-rounder that’s great against so many bacterial problems. And recently, I got to know about its bed bugs killing abilities. Tea Tree oil has been named as an essential oil that has antibacterial characteristics. For this reason, it can also kill bed bugs at your home.

You can use tea tree oil, just a few drops, whenever you launder your clothing or bedding.What I personally like is a 2 percent tea tree solution with water in the steamer to make the perfect “killer concoction” for the nasty bed bugs.

You can also try to place this solution in a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Spray all over your bed, carpets and even the furniture. Depending on how bad the infestation is, try this process weekly or bi-monthly.

5. Use The Magical Lavender Oil

It’s now proven that bed bugs and insects hate the taste and smell of lavender oil. Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint have always been used to deal with the bug infestation due to their strong scents.The benefit of using lavender over tea tree is that the former leaves a very pleasant smell even for days. All you have to do is to place the concentrated form of lavender oil around the corners of your bed.

6. Use a Natural Insecticide

Natural Insecticides are different to chemical ones but are as effective as the commercial grade ones. Not only are they cost-effective but also non-toxic and perfect against bed bug infestation.One natural insecticide is the DE of diatomaceous earth.

It’s highly potent and made from water plants. You can easily get it from gardening stores. This natural insecticide is available in powder, and all you have to do is to gently sprinkle it all over the places that are infested with bed bugs. Be careful though, as this can be lethal for humans, if ingested.

7. Track The Source Of Bed Bugs And Remove Them

Usually, bed begs rest in their most favourite places—Headboard and the bed frame. The reason why bed bugs are called so is because of their ability to easily survive around the bed area.

To get rid of bed bugs from your bed, using a combination of natural insecticides and vacuuming. Natural insecticide will kill the bugs, while vacuum will help you remove the dead eggs and bugs. You can also try the steam but that wouldn’t target the inside of the mattress.

Therefore, it’s necessary to use a natural insecticide for this purpose. Washing can ruin mattress and make it a safe haven for mildew and mold which is even more threatening than the bed bugs. And lastly, don’t forget to remove the eggs, or all your efforts can go in vain, otherwise.