Can Earthquakes be Predicted

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that needs to be gauged by those who want to predict it before it causes any damage. The earthquake can however still be predicted with hard work and good measuring equipment. The impact of the earthquake can be felt in a particular area and thus can measured through the equipment. It is thus crucial to understand that the impact can be felt by the measurement of the seismic activity which is usually emitted before an earthquake takes place. However it is crucial to understand that research is crucial for this impact to be assessed and for the area to have the earthquake measured. This means that the magnitude of the earthquake can be hard to assess as well as the time for the earthquake which is why the person undertaking this project would be better off trying another method of measurement. The earthquake can be hard to assess thus due to very vague facts.

The impact of earthquakes cannot thus be measured easily by scientists but there are still methods that allow it to be measured. The scientist can use seismograph to measure the impact of the earthquake which is the means by which they can predict the impact of the earthquakes. The seismographs can give the scientist a good vague idea of where the impact would be. This is through the graphs that are devised by the scientist in order to come up with a prediction of the location of faults for the earthquake in order to find out how it would take place. The prediction is thus a way for the customer to find out how the earthquake will take place and what area will be affected by it.

The earthquake however can be predicted months in advance to bring about the accurate prediction for those who need it. It is thus a good way for the scientist to gauge the impact of the earthquake in advance. A good example of this would be the earthquake that was predicted in June 2003 which is why the country was able to prepare for the earthquake way in advance. The predictions however are not very accurate all the time because sometimes the earthquake does not take place. This is why the earthquake prediction can be challenging for those who want to find out whether an earthquake will really take place. It is however a fact that some predictions can really take place since two predictions in recent years have taken place and were brought about which is why the earthquake has become easy to predict for the country.

Hence, it can be concluded that predicting earthquake is very difficult as the earthquake can be predicted only if we understand the various symptoms of earthquake. It is very important to predict earthquake before it causes any damages to property and person. But it is actually very difficult to predict the disaster.