Can I Give Blood After Getting a Tattoo

If people who have recently got a tattoo want to donate blood then they should ask the blood camp about their policy whether he is allowed to do so or not. Most of the camps allow these people to donate blood but some blood donation camps don’t.

There are many people on this earth who like to help the society as well as like to live their own life in style. In other words, there are many people who like donating blood in blood camps at regular basis so that they can help the society and at the same time they make tattoos for showing their dedication to styling. This type of people often get confused when they think that will they be able to donate blood after getting a tattoo or not. Though it is not a big issue to know this yet people don’t mind to keep knowledge of these things from before. Having knowledge makes them confidential when they go through this stage.

It is to be noted that there is no restriction in donating blood after you get tattoo because there are no problems which can be pointed out directly. Today, most of the shops where you go to get a tattoo take maximum safety measures to ensure your safety as well as their own. Safety measures are taken because if the person who is getting tattoo gets any disease due to transfer of blood from needle then he can suit a case against that firm due to which the tattoo maker will have to face several legal troubles.

The tattoo maker takes several safety measures like he takes a new sterile needle for making a tattoo for every single person. Equipments which need to be used again and again for different people are cleaned and washed properly so that no blood can be transferred to other people. Most of the tattoo makers do all these things on their own wish because there is no official rule till date. But as it is a self regulated activity, some blood donation camps don’t allow a person who has got a tattoo recently to donate blood because they think that if the person has any blood-borne disease then it would kill the patient who needs blood. These blood camps don’t allow a person to donate blood before 12 months from the date when tattoo was made.

However, most of the blood camps allow these types of people to donate blood before 12 months because they believe that tattoo makers must have taken full safety measures while making the tattoo. Hence, if you have recently got a tattoo but want to donate blood then you can ask any senior manager of the blood camp and proceed accordingly. If you are not allowed to donate blood then don’t feel embarrassed because you will be allowed to do so after some months.