Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Types and Treatments

Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of malignant body cells. It is caused by the continuous genetic degeneration of a cell due to hazardous environmental factors such as exposure to electromagnetic radiations or bad habits such as consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or cigarettes. This can alter the genetic code of a cell giving rise to the Cancer stem cell which can rapidly multiply in to a tumour through the process of mitosis. This tumour can adversely affect the tissue or organ in which it gets developed. The cancer cells can travel to the other organs of the body by mixing in to blood or lymph. This process is known as metastasis. These diseased cells then can rapidly multiply in the new organs thus giving rise to new cancerous tumours in those tissues.

The causes of cancer can be broadly classified in to two main factors – environmental and genetic. While the effect of environmental factors such as radiation exposure, chemical exposure etc. is widely known in the medical circle for the cause of cancer, a lot of research is still going on towards the role of genetic inheritance in causing the disease. It is estimated that about 90% of cancer is caused by environmental factors while the remaining 10% causes are because of the genetic factors. A cancerous growth can develop in almost any organ of the body such as brain, throat, breast, liver, lung etc. The symptoms of the cancer vary from tissue to tissue. In most cases cancer can be detected through these early symptoms or through radiology which is the imaging of the human tissues using electromagnetic waves and then visualization of the disease in it. Also cancer screenings can help detect some cancers at an early stage which can help in their effective diagnosis.

Most types of cancers are treatable requiring that they are detected at the earlier stages. The treatment depends upon the stage of the cancer and how much it has spread and in which tissues it is present. Surgery can be effective in diagnosing a cancer if it is only confined locally to the tissue of its origin while if the cancer has spread to other tissues via metastasis than in those cases chemotherapy and radiation is employed after the removal of cancer tumours by surgery. In some cases like cancer of lymph glands surgery is rarely employed and the main treatment is via radiations and chemotherapy.

Cancer can be avoided by taking a few precautions. These include following a healthy life style by avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking, healthy dietary habits, regular exercise, avoiding radiation exposure and excessive sun exposure etc. Also people living in high risk environments can take medications to reduce this risk.

Cancer has been one of the most hazardous diseases that the human race has seen in the past century. Many cures for it have been discovered and much research is going on in this field in order to find more and more effective diagnosis methods to rid the humanity of this terrible ailment.


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