Different Types of Blouses

A blouse is a loose-fitting garment worn on the upper parts of that the body. It was originally worn by working class, women and children. It is typically tied at the waist but kept hanging loose over the body. In present context, it refers mostly to a woman’s shirt but can also refer to a man’s shirt if it is a loose-fitting style. Traditionally, the word has always been used to refer to a shirt which has a feminine appearance. There are called by different names in various parts of the world. The blouson is garment drawn tight at the waist with blousing hanging over the waist band. In present times man’s blouse coat is made of stronger material or with inner lining, which is worn itself or as a jacket or over a separate top. Aboyne dress is another version in which a tartan pattern skirt is worn with an over-the-shoulder plaid, a white blouse and petticoat. Sometimes a velvet bodice too is worn with it. There is an alternative to this which is a white dress over a petticoat with a sash. A typical dress has a well worked waistcoat, decorative blouse, full skirt and sometimes a petticoat and apron.

In rural Austria women wear it with a drindle. They are usually made with light fabric (textile) perhaps silk or cotton that have a lot of fanciful decorations (such as frills, embroidery, or grinding) on them. There are a lot of variations in the form in this part of the world and are classic among the women’s blouses. The open Spaten-or lapel collar is another common type of a classic ladies blouse.

In the indian subcontinent it is referred to as a choli in which waist of the wearer is visible and it is worn with indian garment called saree which is worn in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other countries where Indians and people of the mentioned nationality stay. There are more expensive designer cholis that are made with padding or lining so that a bra is not needed and backless or off-the-shoulder cholis can be worn. In some parts of india they are worn with a skirt, or lehnga. Their cholis are often loosely fitted and heavily ornamented with embroidery and mirror work. In this part of the world wearing a semi-transparent top women usually wear a sleeveless blouse as an undergarment similar to a bustier. Women in the armed forces, when wearing a sari uniform, wear a half-sleeve shirt tucked in at the waist serving as a blouse.

The stylish designer blouses are halter neck, tube choli, bias cut, backless choli, tie ups, low wide neck, sphagetti, single shoulder, high choli, bustier, stringed back to name some.

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