Do I Need Anti-Glare Glasses

Anti-glare glasses are special eyeglasses which come with an anti-reflective coating on the lenses. This AR coating or anti-glare coating is a multilayer thin coating which helps to eliminate reflections or glare from the front and back surfaces of the lenses on the eyeglass. It becomes an external preservative to the glass. There are also anti-glare lenses available which use Polaroid lenses that have the similar property of eliminating reflected glare.Infact they could ideally cut out more than half of the light.

Why does one need anti-glare glasses?

Now let’s try and understand how these AR-coating glasses come on our way to help. Primarily these glasses are designed to reduce the strain caused to the eyes either by watching computer or television screens for longer duration. Looking at the computer monitor for long makes the muscles in the eye to remain at one position. The coating helps to keep out the light and reduce the brightness of the monitor or the TV screen and therefore relieves one from the strain. Such strain could be in the form of a hazy vision or a burning in the eye or sometimes create headache. This strain could also happen when you are in a room with improper lighting and this is where an anti-glare coating glass comes to your rescue. Such coating is also available in a clip-on form.

Anti-glare glasses also help in reducing the level of ultraviolet rays that reaches the eyes. Unlike the traditional glasses the light is not magnified using the AR coated glasses because they help in equalizing the intensity of the light that is reflected from the inner and the outer surface of the lens film.

Another important aspect of these glasses is that they help in providing a better vision during night driving. At night the headlight glare on the car makes it difficult for one to drive especially when the headlights are high positioned. Here is where night driving glasses play a helping role. These glasses again come with anti-glare coating which consists of elements like Zircon and silicon which helps in providing a better vision in dark. Hence the blinding reflections from the cars and street lights are no more a problem.

Wearing a pair of glasses with an anti-glare coating seems to be safe not only for your eyes but also for your life making it a multi-faceted wonder.So do think any more before investing in antiglare glasses.