Do Tattoos Hurt

Tattoo is a way of designing body.  Tattoos are made  by puncturing the epidermis of skin and filling them with colorful inks by creating various designs by needle. Although sometimes tattoos hurt, and if not taken care of properly, it can cause infection and other skin ailments.

 It is very difficult to define the intensity of pain.  Pain is relative experience, and certainly, it is going to differ from person to person.  It might be possible with a paper cut, bee sting or a little hurt, you feel very less painful, while other has a fit of weeping.  During the researches and studies, it has been revealed that women have more endurance to pain in comparison to males. Probably this could linked by the labor pain which bear during the childbirth.

However, tattoo is always painful, but the intensity of pain can be varying with the area you choose for designing of tattoo.  If you choose the location like spine, ankle, nerve ending, or the places the skin is thin, then the tattoo designing is really going to be more painful.  You might be wondering about the reasons.  Well, let me tell you these areas are tactile stimuli that mean due larger number of nerve ending, they respond more sensitively to the stimulus.

The most painful places to get tattoo

Although, where you will get the tattoo it will pain.  Nevertheless, you check out the few sensitive areas on your body then you can gauge the intensity of pain threshold.  The sensitive body parts include buttocks, thigh, shoulder, calf, thigh, upper arm, lower arm, upper back, lower back, hips, sexual organ, lips, foot, chest/ribcage, behind the ear, eyelid, eyebrow, elbow, inside wrist.  These are some of the main areas, where one might go through the maximum pain.

Equate the pain with all time pleasure and desire.

To have tattoo is always a beautiful idea. It comes with an eye- appealing and colorful designs, which stay with you for quite long time.  One can get the needled at upper arm where you will experience with the least pain.  At the times, fear makes the thing more pathetic then really, it is.  If you afraid of your getting needled or the amount of blood that would oozing from your skin, then at first choose the location that is out of your sight, or the area where you focus less. The needle only penetrates 1/16 of the skin, therefore if you start thinking that it is going to hurt you least then the game is easy.  To add, you can diver your mind, by listening to music or having a chat, while you are engaged in getting needled during tattoo designing.

Well, for how longer is it going to pain, it depends, on the size of the tattoo. For the minimum size it takes nearly two hours. With the complexity of designs, coloring and inks, and increment in size of tattoo it is going take more time, and tattoo would require to be needled more.

Therefore, before getting tattoos needled check your weakness and strength at first. This will help to enjoy the real excitement will you experience the tattoo on your body. Moreover, if you wish you can go for break rather, getting needled at a stretch. This might serve the purpose easier.