Does Coloring Your Hair Really Make It Thicker

For some people, hair coloring is like adding life to hair. Initially hair coloring was done only using henna which is a natural product. However with increasing fashion demands and for better time saving, both men and women to a larger extent have switched over to hair colors and included hair tinting like highlighting, frosting and trendy coloring. But the most common reasons for hair coloring could be to cover up the grey hair or to get along with the trend and fashion or may be to regain one’s natural hair color which could have faded during hair styling.

Off late another belief that people have started to gain or rather hair stylists promise is that coloring could help in increasing the thickness of the hair. This is partially true to the extent of the logic associated with it. It is just that when you apply color to hair the sediments of color tend to settle in the hair which increases the density of each hair strand thereby giving a thicker and fuller look? It is believed that coloring gives almost three times volume. Again one must remember that this temporary solution for hair thickness is available only while using darker shades of color ie when u try to color one shade darker to your natural color which could look more effective. This is because it becomes easier for the color to remain on the hair giving a thicker look. Using lighter shades has a reverse effect like it makes the hair look thinner due to the bleaching process involved in it. Therefore while trying to go for lighter shade one must bleach the hair first and then start applying the desired color. This helps the hair not to lose its density and avoid looking thinner.

Here are few tips to make you hair look voluminous and thick and not necessarily by hair coloring.

 Change in hairstyle could give a whole new look to your hair. Adding layers to hair help in giving a fuller look.

Synthetic hair could be given as additional extensions which are well matched with your natural color and texture of hair.

There are shampoos available which can add on to the volume of your hair. Try on them.

Reverse blow dry also helps. Bend forward from your hips and blow- dry the hair from root to end. This will also make hair look with more density.

Hair coloring being a personal choice one must go for it if interested. Who knows your hair color might rightly express your personality. Happy coloring to one and all!!