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What Is a Bond

Earning is one of the most necessary aspects of life. It is very much needed for every individual in this world, he/she is working for many organizations or owning accompany. The most important thing to run a business very frequently is funds and capitals.…

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What is Compound Interest

The interest that is calculated on the principle amount that is invested, the resultant is then added back to the principle amount and compounded again. This amount is called the compound interest. This interest can be calculated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the more times this amount is compounded the more amount of money one can make.…

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What is Investment Banking

It is a branch of banking that helps the company in obtaining the necessary funds.  To add to the lending of new funds it also suggests the company in many other transactions that it might indulge in.  Investment banking is different from commercial banks, the latter gives loans directly to companies and individuals.…

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