Hiccups cures and treatments

Hiccups are a very common problem that has spawned literally thousands of home remedies over the years. Some are based on medical information and some are simply old wive’s tales, but they all seem rather creative. Oddly enough, a great many of them actually do work, regardless of how crazy they might seem. Here is a group of home remedies and treatments that many swear will solve your hiccup problem quickly and decidedly.

*Note: Please contact your doctor if your hiccups persist or come back often. This can be a sign of other medical problems and should be checked by a doctor. Also, no home remedy listed here or otherwise should be tried without the consent of your doctor.

  • One of the oldest and most popular home remedies for hiccups is to hold your breath. Some people say you have to hold it for thirty seconds, some say for a minute. There are many variations of the hold your breath method, but they all seem to work on some level.
  • Another old and fairly effective method is to startle someone with hiccups to get rid of them. While this method might be effective, it can also be dangerous if the person is a heart patient or elderly. Use at your own risk and common sense.
  • Drinking a tall glass of water quickly will help to get rid of hiccups most of the time, and it is also rather benign. You do not have to scare yourself silly for this one.
  • Smelling salts are supposed to work well, but few people have these laying around the house. If you have them around, by all means give it a shot.
  • Pull and tug on your tongue a couple of times. It is supposed to cure hiccups as well.
  • Put sugar on the back of your tongue. If that does not work, try it under the tongue. Both are said to cure hiccups rather effectively.
  • Try to use your brain for a time to get rid of hiccups. Thinking of something complicated can distract you and help the diaphragm calm down and relax.
  • Supposedly, popping your ears can cause your hiccups to go away. Not sure I get this one, but it is found in many farmer’s market booklets as a common cure.
  • Sipping Dr. Pepper or some other carbonated beverage in short, quick sips is supposed to work, though I have no idea how.
  • Gargling with salt water is a great treatment for hiccups.
  • Gargling ice water is supposed to work.
  • In severe cases of hiccups, you can take some medications to help with hiccups. There are several that can work, but common ones include Reglan and Lioresal.
  • If all else fails, your doctor may have you get surgery to solve your long term hiccups. This is very rare, but it does occur on occasion.
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