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What Is Nativism

Power of public is the strongest of all. That is why the government is refers to the people, for the people and by the people. The unity of citizens of a country or region leads to major change in the democracy and government.…

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What is FEMA

Nature is the biggest and strongest of all the man made powers in the world. If it comes to own, not nay power in the whole can save anything from being destructed. All natural disaster of past times is the best example of this.…

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What is Impeachment

Human nature is the moist typical thing of the world. One also does not know that what he wants at the right moment. It is just decided by the nature of person that he/she will do what the time wants. Being employed is the most important thing in one’s life.…

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What is a Political Cartoon

Political cartoon is an age-old art that has come to illustrate the politicians in satirical overtones.  The art form emerged in 1500s in Europe and depicted various nation heads in comic style though the nation heads of one’s own country were always held in high esteem.…

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What is Poverty

The definition of poverty is many, because this term is very volatile in nature. Hence we cannot have a single definition or meaning for poverty. It can have different meaning under the circumstances of a country. In general terms it can be understood as a condition in which people of a particular country are lacking for basic necessities in life.…

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What Is a Constitutional Monarchy

The term, ‘constitutional monarchy’ is also termed as limited monarchy. Unlike the absolute monarchy, in a constitutional monarchy the monarch rules the country under the limitations imposed by the constitution. Thus, it is needless to say that in this form of governance, the monarch does not enjoy absolute rights and cannot impose rules as per his will.…

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