How are Cigars Made

Cigar smoking is usually regarded a classy affair.bud do you know how cigar is made? A Cigar is a bundle of tobacco which is dried, then fermented and finally rolled tightly ready for ignition. It is more like a cigarette but doesn’t contain additives. There are people who consider cigar smoking as civilized and stylish and less risky than cigarette smoking. However the fact is that, the tobacco filled in one large cigar can be as much as a pack of cigarettes would contain and this tobacco is such an addictive ingredient that an occasional smoker could also get easily addicted to cigars.

Cigars are of two kinds- hand- rolled cigars and machine- made cigars. Both these kinds include three varieties of tobacco namely the filler, a binder and a wrapper. The whole process of making the cigars goes like this. Firstly the harvesting of tobacco leaves takes place with great care which is taken through a process called curing, that takes duration of 25-45 days based on climatic conditions and few other factors. The leaves here are carefully sorted depending on their color and desired curing is done.

 From here the leaves enter the process of fermentation, one of the important steps that signify the flavor, aroma and the burning characteristics of the leaf. During fermentation the leaves are aged and slowly dried using conditions of temperature and humidity without letting the leaf to rot. The process continues until the leaves are completely matured. From here, the leaves are again sorted and moistened and separated according to its size and color thereby deciding the leaves for filling, binding and wrapping. This gives way for the rolling of cigars which is done either manually or with the use of machines.

Hand- made cigars are largely considered of good quality. A well experienced roller can make hundreds of identical cigars per day. With the help of special crescent shaped knives commonly termed as chavetas, the wrapper leaves and filler leaves are quickly cut and kept ready to roll. Once the leaves are rolled, cigars are kept in wooden forms and their ends get cut uniformly and then sealed with leaves using natural gum. At this stage cigars are ready for sale and can remain even for decades with proper storage.

Machine made cigars are more on low grade end wherein the tobacco leaves are chopped and used for filling and the long leaves are used as a wrapper and binds the cigar. There is lot of difference in the burning characteristics of machine made cigars which makes the hand made one more preferable.