How Big is the Internet

The Internet was born when it was as small as a building i.e. only covered a networking area of a building. But now it is growing so widely that it is spreading all over the world. The internet started with only text but now it includes each and every thing which includes images, videos and other multimedia and innovative stuff.

Now the main question which arises is that how big the internet is? The answer to it is ‘no one can measure the exact size of the internet’ but the internet is not infinite but finite, and if it is finite it is measurable. It’s very difficult to tell as it keeps on growing every second. An idea that at what speed it is expanding can only be taken with the help of some facts and figures. These facts and figures are:

Over 210 billion emails are sent daily.

Approximately 900,000 articles are written by bloggers every day.

Enough information is consumed every hour by the internet to fill 7 million DVDs and after 4 years, it will be four times larger than this estimate.

Since 2005, 17 million new sites have been added to the internet and there are about 155 million websites on the Internet, but this number fluctuates wildly from month to month

It’s a well-known fact that the search engines are indexing only a small part of the entire Internet content.

As per Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, by estimating the data recorded by search engine, the internet is approximately made up of 5 million terabytes. Even the Google search engine has only succeeded to index 170 terabytes up until now.

In order to index the 5 million terabytes of data, the search engine would need 300 years. And this would be valid only if nobody posted new content on the Internet.

If a person spent only one minute to read each web page in existence today, it would take about 31,000 years of non-stop reading to get to each one and that too without any breaks.

It is estimated that there are now over ONE TRILLION web pages on the Internet today. This concludes that there are more web pages than there are humans living on this planet.

The internet would end up covering 3.9 billion pages of paper assuming that the videos, pictures, and MP3s are of equivalent size as plain text files.

So realizing all these above facts concludes that how big the internet is and how fast it is expanding all over the world.

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