How Big is the Universe

This is a question often asked by small kids. However, they should first understand what the universe means. The universe is a totality of all the elements, which exist. This can mean the solar system, all the satellites, and the Milky Way too. The size of the universe is immeasurable. One can say that the size is infinite which in simple words means never ending. There are various parts of the universe, which give it the massive size. The universe, which is visible to the human eye, is around 46 billion light years as per records. This is just an estimate of the visible distance. This article will discuss about all these parts of the universe. The first part is the solar system. This is the main part in which people live. The solar system by itself has a colossal size and the universe we may say is a hundred times bigger than the solar system.

The solar system consists of all the nine planets and their satellites along with the sun. The sun is the center of the universe around which all the nine planets rotate. While there are nine planets as per book records, there have been discoveries that there are more plants than the nine under study. The satellites, for example the moon of the earth, rotate around the planets. This is similar to the rotations that the planets make around the sun. Apart from the solar system, the other bigger part of the universe is the galaxy. The galaxy holds the solar system and many other parts along with it. there are many galaxies in the universe.

One example of a galaxy is the Milky Way which is around 1,00,000 light years in diameter. Many such galaxies form the universe. There are around 100 billion galaxies of similar sizes. This is just an approximation to the actual figure. These estimations can get us into imagination about how big is the universe. This can also get us thinking about the age of the universe. This can be some infinite billions of years. Very few aspects of the universe are exactly supported by authentic information. Most of them are approximates or estimations of what is how. Even when stories about the creation of the universe are heard, each culture has a different story and myth related to it.

Thus, it can be guessed that nothing can be said accurately about the size of the universe, it age and its creation. All of these still remains a mystery, which is yet, be solved and unfolded with the help of technology and the smart brains.