How Can I Avoid Barefoot Running Injuries

Some of the runners are of the view that running bare foot can reduce the chances of injuries during the run but it was no logic as surveys have shown the chances of injuries during the run are 60 to 90%, may it be bare footed or with shoes. These both opinions can be studied extensively for their relevance. The persons who favored the plea that barefoot running reduces injuries are themselves runners who have experienced this fact with them but those who opposed this plea are among those who might have some financial loss in supporting this thought. They can be the shoe makers for the sportsmen, their advertisers, the device curators and so on.

There was a discussion, some years back, on the matter of benefits of barefoot running and was concluded on the point that no solid proof was found in favor of barefoot running thought to reduce the chances of injury during running. Though the researches in this direction are still on as the biologists are of the opinion that man is developed for running, either barefooted or with shoes. On the other hand not even a single survey has pointed on the fact that injuries have been reduced by running with shoes on. Avoiding injuries while running barefoot One can get injured positively if he is running with the people who have the intention to hurt others, whether you are running barefooted or shoed. One should also keep in mind that running long distances with barefoot has many chances of getting injury. Barefoot injury can be avoided effectively if you are running for short distances.

You should also change your body form while running barefooted as there is much difference in running with and without shoes in the feet of the runner. To avoid injuries during barefoot running needs a change in the posture of the runner essentially. You should not arrange races, even for short or medium distances, while you are being trained for barefoot running. Such events can increase the chances of injuries as you are not that much experienced for them. You should practice under the guidance of certain professional trainer as it may be wrong posture what you are using on your own than what actually must be. You should get trained properly to avoid injuries effectively in barefooted running. Most of the times runners blame shoes for injuries during the run than barefooted running.

This has rightly been observed during many races like marathons where runners put off their shoes instead of loosing race and try for barefooted running. Common injuries in barefoot running Calf muscle stretch and Ligament strain are the most common injuries that have been experienced during barefooted running. The risk will be optimum if you are habitual to wear high heels in your normal life which may cause effected walking style and muscles to the most. So, you will have to change your life style to reduce the chances of injuries in barefoot running. Thus, to avoid barefoot running injuries one must have extensive training with caution under the guidance of a professional trainer.