How Can I Avoid Stains on my Teeth

Having stains on the tooth is embarrassing. No person likes to have stains on the teeth and at the same time, no one likes a person having stains on his or her teeth. If you don’t want to have stains on your tooth, then there are various ways to not to have them. You should follow one or many ways of them to not to have stains on your tooth. Let us discuss how a person can avoid tooth stains.

  • The best way to avoid tooth stains is by keeping the tooth clean. You should brush your teeth at least twice in a day. If you could manage to do that more than two times, then that would be better; but twice is mandatory.
  • Never use finger or any other thing apart from a good tooth brush to clean your tooth.
  • At the time of brushing your tooth, you should use tooth paste. The tooth paste should be of highest quality. It is better to use no toothpaste than using a low quality toothpaste. Cheap toothpaste can harm the quality of your tooth and gum.
  • Some people use coal and wood ash to clean their tooth. You should avoid these things at the time of brushing your tooth, if you don’t want stains on your tooth.
  • Eating of more chocolates can be the cause of stains on your tooth. You should avoid eating more chocolates.
  • Smoking cigarette can discolor your tooth and the discoloration caused by smoking of cigarettes is permanent. You should avoid smoking of cigarette, if you want to preserve the color of your tooth. 
  • Chewing pan and tobacco cause stain on the tooth, you should avoid these things. If you are not in a position to give up these things, then you should brush your tooth more frequently than a normal person.
  • Apart from normal tooth paste, there are many advanced tooth cleaning products are now available in the market. You can take the help of those products, to keep your tooth sparkling white.
  • Consuming soft drinks more than enough can also creates stains on your tooth. If you are doing the same, then you need to curb your habit.
  • If you have already developed stains, then you should visit a dentist and ask his or her help to restore the beauty of your tooth. Medical cleaning processes are available for tooth, which can remove the stains easily. So, you should not be harassed, if you have stains on your tooth.
  • No matter you have developed stains on your tooth or not, but you should visit a dentist in a regular manner to keep your tooth clean and healthy.