How Can I Be a Frugal Traveler

Not in case of travel only, a person should try to be frugal in each and every activities of his or her life. Some people think frugal as compromising and hence, they never try to be frugal. But in real case, frugal doesn’t at all mean compromising. It means to try to save some money without compromising. If person is saving some money without compromising anything, then is there anything better than this?  Now, let us discuss how you could be frugal at the time of traveling.


  • The major chunk of every travel budget goes towards the air fare. If you are traveling to any short distance then you can think of going on train. However, if you don’t want to compromise by traveling in the train, then you can think of traveling in economy class. Traveling in economy class is not at all a bizarre. In fact, if you are traveling for a short time, then you don’t need a personal LCD player or a lie flat bed. Then, why to pay premium for traveling economy class. If you are traveling a bit long distance, then also you could opt for economy class. There is a big difference between the fair of economy class and the fare of business class; you should go to save the difference.
  • If you are ready to go for budget airlines then you can also save a huge amount of money. The traveling time in a full carrier airline is same to that of budget airline. So, if you are going for the budget airline, then you are not going to spend more time in the air. All you don’t get in case of a budget airline is some unnecessary luxury features.
  • At the time of booking flight ticket, you should book it from online market place. Don’t book from the official website of any carrier. In stead, book it from any third party site, you may get some discounts.
  • The next major chunk of your travel budget will go towards the hotel bill; so, if you want to be frugal at the time of traveling, then you should try to save some money at the time of traveling. You can save a good amount of money at the time of booking a hotel, if you manage to give up some unnecessary luxury features.
  • At the same time, if you book the hotel from the online market place, then there is a chance that you could save some money as many websites offering some good amount of discounts at the time of booking any hotel from their websites or portals. The earlier you book, the more would be the money you save.