How can I Deal With Childbirth Pain

Labor pain is the most painful and intense pain that a woman ever experiences. Some of the women will feel pain that would be tolerable. Some of them will feel intense and intolerable pain. For most of the women, this time is very difficult and scary. The women who are going to have their first baby are more scarred of this time than the women who already have a baby. This is understandable as this happens with almost all of the women. Labor pain is caused due to the contractions in the muscles and due to the pressure on the cervix. In the first stage of the labor pain, the cervix gets opened up slowly. In the second stage of labor pain, the cervix is fully opened and you can push the baby through the vagina. You will feel pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis. You will feel a sensation of burning in the perineum that is the area between anus and vagina. In the third stage, the head of the baby starts coming out of the vagina. In order to deal with childbirth pain or labor pain, you can follow some measures which will reduce the pain:

The environment should be peaceful as the lights should be dim. There should be a feeling of privacy. Little music will make the surroundings more comfortable. Some medicines are also available that will reduce the pain during childbirth. You can ask your doctor for these medicines. Epidural can be given for painless delivery. It is given in the spinal cord through a narrow plastic tube which will be put in the skin. It takes around 15-20 minutes to start working. It makes the lower body numb and the women do not feel any pain after this. During this, you will have to stay on bed only. You can also take lower back massage. It will also help in reducing the pain to some extent. Aromatherapy is very effective in reducing the pain. The use of various scent promote relaxation and give relief. Warm bath can also be helpful in this situation. Ice packs can also serve the purpose. An experienced woman can also help the woman in pain to reduce the pain by giving various instructions. Some breathing exercises can also help in giving relief.

You should always keep in mind that the woman is in safe hands otherwise it can be dangerous for both the woman and the baby. The woman in this situation needs love and affection. She should be handled with care and softly.