How can I Ease Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is feeling queasy or a feeling to vomit and nausea during pregnancy. It is usually seen in the beginning months of the pregnancy. It more commonly happens in the morning as the name says but sometimes it can be seen during the day and the night too. The symptoms can be worst in the morning but eases up with the time during the day. The level of the severity of the symptoms can vary from women to women. For some women, it lasts for all day long. It is caused due to sudden hormonal changes during pregnancy. It is usually gone by the second trimester of pregnancy. Morning sickness is not harmful and is completely normal. But if you are vomiting daily and you are also losing weight then you should consult immediately with your doctor as it can be a sign of some serious problem too. If you develop dehydration then also you can feel morning sickness like if u feel thirsty all the time and you are also not urinating enough then also you should consult with the doctor. However if the symptoms are normal and are not causing any serious problem, then you can try some home remedies to ease morning sickness like:

Keep eating all the time. If you will stop eating, then it will ease the nausea to develop. So try to eat as much as u can but in small quantity i.e. take small meals. You will make the symptoms worse if you will remain empty stomach. Keep drinking something. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself away from dehydration. Have lots of juices. Avoid having spicy and greasy food. You should also avoid the food with smell as it can result in feeling nauseous. If you have upset stomach then you can try having ginger products to ease that condition. Move slowly. Do not move all of sudden. Whatever you are going to do, do it carefully and slowly as fast and sudden movements can also make you feel nauseous. You can try wearing acupressure bands on your wrist. Some of the people think that it reduces the morning sickness. Lack of sleep and stress can also trigger the morning sickness. Get enough sleep and try to reduce stress too. Peppermint products and aromatherapy can also ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

Even after taking above measures, you feel that these are unable to give comfort then you should consult with your doctor. But keep one think in mind that morning sickness has no relation with the sickness of the baby.