How Can I Get Rid of Houseflies

House flies are one of the insects that could be a nuisance and considered unhygienic when seen on your dining table. We in fact tend to avoid those food joints or sweet stall with immense number of flies surrounding the whole place. It is worse when you find them attacking your house as unwelcomed guests. It actually makes you feel “yuck” and wonder “why my house?” Apart from making that buzzing and irritating sound around you, they gift the members of the house with ample bacteria and infections leading to diseases like diarrhea, stomach upset, and cholera to just name not many. They can sit on even small left over of the food particles lying in any corner of the house. Isn’t this annoying? Truly it is. Check out these tips that could help you out to get rid of these unsanitary insects and feel safer to live in your own house.

  • The thumb rule in keeping flies and other such pests is to keep your house clean. Cleanliness is the best repellant for such flies because they don’t have any food temptations around them and breeding also is hampered due to clean atmosphere. After all they can breed only on garbage and untidy environment.
  • Cloves works as another natural fly repellant. The fruits in the house can be kept with lot of cloves pierced in them. An apple with cloves in it, keeps the flies away. You can buy plenty of cloves and keep in all the places that could possibly be visited by the flies.
  • Did you know that even orange oil and lemon oil can work on these flies? Try and clean the slabs using a little bit of oil in them. Flies wouldn’t turn back again.
  • It is also widely believed that herbs like basil are not a favorite for houseflies. You can keep some basil plants in front and rear entrances of your house which could help them in making that barging entry. 
  • Apart from the above, you can also start using fly traps which may again come in various simple options.

Try using normal flypaper which can be made by coating a paper with some corn or sugar syrup with water. These papers could be just hung in various corners of the house and you will be surprised to see the number of flies that has got stuck to the paper after sometime. This is one of the easiest and non toxic ways of getting rid of flies.

Take a long bottle with the lid on and make a small hole on top of the lid. Now fill in the bottle with an inch of wine or vinegar or a mango peel along with vinegar and leave such similar bottles in various corners. The flies even die inside the bottle.

Also try bottle with its mouth coated with vinegar and sugar and fill the bottle with water. This will again attract flies which will eventually fall into the water and drown.

Check out these options and keep your house free from flies and the other diseases they carry along with them.