How can I Make My Eye Stop Twitching

Eye twitches are known as Blepharospasm or myokymia, which is defined as involuntary repetitive flipping of the eye. It results due to the contraction of eyelid muscles. The exact reason for the twitching of the eye is unknown. But most of the people believe that it can be caused due to smoking or bright light. It can be caused due to the emotional stress, fatigue or due to the over consumption of the caffeine. It can also happen due to some injury on the cornea of your eye. This can be noticed as when you will rub your eye, you will feel some pain. A mild twitch can last for 2-3 days but a stubborn twitch can lasts for several weeks resulting into irritation. Whenever your eye twitches, try to take a break from work if you are working and take a short nap. You should also avoid sitting in front of the computer and TV for long hours. You should take a sound sleep. Sleeplessness can also result in the twitching of the eye. Avoid awaking late in the night. Avoid consumption of coffee to stop your eye to twitch. Try to reduce stress in your life. To reduce the twitching of the eye, you can gently rub the eyelid. You can also try eye drops with the advice of your doctor for mild eye twitching. Most of the eyelids are harmless and will go on their own. If you have severe eye twitches then it is advised to consult your eye doctor as it can cause your eye to completely close. It can also affect your entire side of the face and as a result it can make eating and speaking difficult.

Botox injections can be given which will relax the muscles of the eyes which cause them to twitch. But these injections usually work for few months and then these have to be repeated. These injection have side effects too such as drying of eyes, double vision etc. Your doctor can also suggest you for surgery. The muscles causing your eye to twitch will be removed. Eye twitching can be cured if it is treated in its initial stage otherwise it can affect your entire face which will worsen the situation. You should not try to cure it on your own if the problem is severe. Medical supervision is always advised and any problem can be cured if proper medical attention is given to it.