How can I Remove Lice from my Home

Most of the kid’s school life has this bitter phase of getting infected by head lice. Lice is a non dangerous and yet a contagious parasite that infests on the scalp and could also transmit from head to head through clothes, combs, or various other means from the infected person. It could also be very embarrassing with the lice on head due to the itching it gives and also put the cleanliness of head in question. Though it is very common among school going kids, adults are no exceptions, since they are in contact with their kids who might have been infected with lice. Thus head lice are capable to take a successful journey to your house now infecting all possible members at home and not leaving alone your living dog or your kid’s stuffed toy.

The lifecycle of lice could last for around thirty days. However they cannot exist beyond two days when removed from human contact as they are categorically called blood feeding parasites or insects. They start to grow from nits to tiny ones called lymph and convert into an adult size lice which can again start to reproduce. So it is actually difficult to get rid of them completely overnight. They are back in just 2-3 weeks, where from you start the entire process of lice treatment which would involve hours of combing the hair, applying strong chemicals in the form of anti-lice shampoos, trying on all possible home remedies and what not. And at the end you are supposed to repeat all this several times to get rid of them completely. So why do you think this happens? One of the important reasons is that along with the hair treatment you must have forgotten to treat your house which offers shelter to these lice.

Every time the members of the house are infected by lice, there is no doubt they leave few of the lice to remain back in the house during the process of treatment. Thus it becomes very important to clean up the entire house thoroughly so that the chance of reinfestation is reduced. As mentioned earlier, even after the lice are removed from the hair, they can still live for approximately two days on clothes, bed, pillows, furniture and also toys. In this mean time they can travel through clothes hung next to each other, or by the combs at home and find a new home for them. So firstly concentrate on cleaning the house including all the carpets and furniture by using a vacuum cleaner and preferably wash them as much as possible in hot water and dried in hot sun. Secondly don’t forget to clean all the clothes which were worn by the members infected over the recent past. Again don’t forget about hot steam cleaning and drying. Finally treat the beds, bed sheets, pillow covers and all the blankets since they are easiest and fastest means to reach one’s head. The corners of the bedding could be vacuumed to ensure complete removal of lice out of your house.

Try and follow these easier and safer ways of lice removal from your house and thereby can hope to have not only a lice free hair but also lice- free home.