How Can I Remove Rust Stains from my Clothes

Washing of clothes is such a challenge when you are trying to remove some stains from the fabric and also during discoloration of clothes wherein color in turn catches on to another expensive white shirt or your favorite suit. Though there is lot of cleaning and stain removal products that have emerged in recent days, there still exists certain stubborn stains that will simply get settled on your nice clothes and never get rubbed off; you would rather think of getting rid of the cloth forever.

One of such stubborn stains is the rust stain that gets on to clothes by unknowingly rubbing over any rusty object. Such stains contain the iron particles which when reacted with certain removal treatments can worsen the problem. When ignored for long, these stains actually gets into the fabric and becomes almost impossible in most cases to be removed.

Remedies to remove rust stain

There are definitely some ways which would give you a sigh of relief in removing rust stains from your clothes, only requisite is that you should not forget to act immediately with some extra efforts. Try out these simple suggestions which are less expensive and yet effective in most of the cases.

  • Remember, before starting off with any treatment process, try and remove all possible stain by simple washing or laundering.
  • Purchase an over the counter rust stain removal and strictly follow the instructions and directions of usage. It works effective on most of them.
  • Try and apply lemon juice and don’t forget to blot on the stain and avoid extensive rubbing because lemons have the quality to bleach clothes. Thus in case of dark colored clothes, try on a patch which is not visible. Squeeze lemon juice over the spot and leave it for some time. Then rinse the area and put it for drying in sun. Most of the job or even the complete job is done.
  • You can also try adding salt to lemon juice which will react well on stains.
  • Mild liquid dishwash can also work similarly as lemon. Follow the same directions of using with lemon juice and see the difference.
  • Naval jelly is another widely used remedy on rust stains. It cleans not only the floor surfaces from rust but also proves effective on clothes. Gently rub the jelly over the stain and leave it for some time to set. Then you can take the cloth for regular wash and laundry.
  • Tartar cream is an ingredient found in baking powder which helps in producing frostings in cakes and candies. This can be used on rust stain by rubbing on the spot and washed as usual.
  • Rhubarb water could be used to soak the stained clothes and washed to find the disappearance of rust stain.

See! How easy it is to get rid of rust stains. Hence do not be hassled and try out these remedies in your tough staining days.