How Can I Repair Computer Water Damage

Presence of moisture may affect your computer’s ability to work properly. The battery on the mother board may short and cause damage creating big problem for your computer’s internal components. At some times it may create overload for your wall socket there by your house lights will also affect due to the moisture on the mother board. Some people think that this problem could not be solved and takes long time. Moreover they feel that qualified and experienced technicians themselves can solve this problem. Procedure to be followed to repair your computer from water damage.

If you know that your computer is going to have problem with water damage, first pack your computer and monitor in a plastic covers so as to not to enter a single drop of water. If your personal computer is on the ground, shift them to the top of your roof as the problem may reduce to a maximum extent. Lifting the computer to the top of your house decreases the risk. Moving the computer and its components to protected locations and wrapping the parts with plastic covers reduces the damage. If you wish, you can double wrap the equipment with plastic bags to decreases chances of water damage.

If you feel that rain will surely come and can hear the sounds of storms, unplug all the computer components networked together as there may be chances of severe power fluctuation. Power fluctuations damage the computer and thus turn off the power and unplug all the devices. Series of power fluctuations can create unforeseen consequences. Thus it is wise to think before and act accordingly. After the storm, check and recheck your computer before reconnecting the equipment to wall outlets. Some walls absorb the moisture and there may be chances of shocking feature.

Thus make sure that outlet is safe. After knowing that your computer has water damage, the first thing you need to do is to unplug your computer from the wall outlet. Then, remove the battery which will be fixed on the bottom of the CPU. When you do these two things, you will be protected from shocking. Open the CPU by removing all the screws. Keep it under the sunlight for some period. The sun rays absorb the moisture on the CPU and make it work perfectly. Continue doing so for two to three days. After making sure that the moisture was completely dried, then turn on the system under the supervision of electrician.

If you are sure that your computer has still some moisture left in it, just consult the professional person for completely caring your personal computer. As they are good enough with electrical equipments, they will dry it with dryers or keep it under sunlight, finally confirm you with good news that nothing had happened to your system. The most important thing to remember is that you should not do practical with your computer as there may be a danger of physical strain and financial burden too.