How can I Repair Cracks in Concrete

Taking care of the house is quite a difficult task. There are a number of responsibilities that one has to look and keep the house up to the mark always.  The most unattractive thing in a house are the cracks in the concrete or cement paved area. The cracks make the place look dull and old as well. So, if you notice the cracks on the concrete make sure that you fix the issue there and then. With time, the cracks increase and make the situation more difficult to be solved. Also, to make the repair an easy job you will have to work on the cracks as soon as you take notice of them. Protect your home by repairing them on time.

You can notice the cracks in the roof; patios or driveways and even at the foundation part of your house. The reason behind these cracks can be the climatic condition, heavy rainfall or the stagnant water in that area of the house.  If you want to repair the cracks in concrete, you should follow the steps written below and go about them one by one:

The things that you would need are:

  • A brush
  • Shop-vac
  • Hammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Concrete bonding adhesive
  • Sand bag
  • Water

The following is the step by step procedure:

  • Clean the crack with a brush and vacuum it while letting the debris coming out and if there is any grease or oil in that portion, clean that as well.
  • Using a hammer and a cold chisel, cut the sides of the cracked portion. Make sure that you wear an eye mask while fixing it.
  • Use concrete bonding adhesive to coat that surface.
  • Fill the crack with the mixture of sand bag and water and level it properly.
  • Leave the patch for drying.
  • It is finally repaired now!

The above procedure might take an hour to repair the crack but it would be very useful for you. It is the most inexpensive way to repair the crack while sitting at home. You would not require any help by any outsider to fix the problem.

If the crack is exceptionally large in size and the procedure cannot be followed easily, you would have to call the professionals to repair it. For repairing the larger cracks, an advanced technology by the professionals is used that would be very difficult for us to follow! So now if you can witness any crack in the concrete, try and fix it as soon as possible before it grows and make the situation worse and difficult to curb. Once the crack is repaired, you will be able to get back the look the concrete once had and it would make you feel relieved.