How Can I Strengthen My Fingernails

Indeed, there are different products available in market that promise over strengthening your weakening fingernails. However, there are easier and much simpler ways through which you could keep your nails in great shapes. In fact, our ancestors, in form of ape, use to have strongest nails, much stronger than any humans have today. The reason was their strong dependence on nails for hunting and eating food.

To strengthen weakening fingernails, you may choose to serums or hardeners that combat this problem with moderate success rates. However, consistent breakage of nail is often a warning sign for you to make some improvements in your diet plans. Often, breaking or chipping of nails has relation with the under-nourished diet. To break this chain, you may start reevaluating your diet practices, soon after you know about suffering from weak nails.

Apart from healthy nutritious diet, you may choose to healthy add-ons, such as increased intake of calcium and minerals. Calcium is one of the abundant ingredients found as composition in bones and nail of human body. Hence, lack of calcium clearly affects the performance of nails. In addition, supplements from vital minerals such as vitamin D are quite indispensable for supple bones and fingernails. In addition, lack of vitamin D causes weakening of nails.

Supplementary to increased intake of calcium and vitamin D, you may dwell upon iron-rich foodstuffs that provide increased strength to your nails. Often, weakening of nails is a rising indication about lacking iron supplements from the diet. You may have plenty of beans, tofu, whole grains, beetroot, lentils and spinach included in your diet. In addition, you may club your diet with calcium rich milch products such as – milk, cheese, buttermilk or yogurt.

Some people try soaking their nails in teaspoon of lime juice. Such practice is often rewarding, as it treats discoloration of nails. Moreover, it imparts glossy shine to your fingernails. In case, you suffer from dryness problem, then you may choose to olive oil. Similarly, mustard oil improves blood circulation in nails. Thus, apart from improving your diet intake, you can also apply external solutions to strengthen your fingernails.

If you find your nails are weaker than others are, then it is ideal to stop participating in acts that build stress on your nails. Instead of using your nails, use an opener or staple remover in places where you require them. Further, start with a good diet and increase your nail supplements to get back original strength in your nails. After taking above steps, it is very probable to have your fingernails, just as they were once, that is- supple, young, beautiful and strong.