How Can I Win on Family Feud

Family Feud is a reality show on the satellite network which is running since last thirty years as it had celebrated its 30th anniversary, only some months back. It has been entertaining the international audiences since last three decades and kept them involved in taking part in this game apparently or virtually.

To commemorate the occasion of the celebration we may discuss some strategies to win this wonderful game. In order to win the entertaining game of Family Feud one cannot adopt a fixed strategy but can try to do his best possible efforts in this direction. The producers and writers of this game have thought out each and every aspect of life to make this game show fantastic and prolonged for such a long time. You should prepare yourself to win this show with excellence and proud.

Approaches to win that may not help you much

  • Most of the people are of the view that winning first round of face-off will benefit them in the long run as found in earlier results. It has been seen in previous results that almost half of the winners of first round have failed in achieving the goal but even then winning the first round of face-off by ringing at first is also necessary to proceed further.
  • Though ringing in first position may not support you any further if the answer is not correct but it may provide some moments to think over for better answer. You can try it but nor rely on it.
  • Stealing the views of other party in the game is another exciting part of the game, Family Feud. After the other party finishes its turn, you get one more opportunity to guess for a better answer initiated by the views of other party, if it fails in its round. But in this strategy you may or may not get the support of the family, be cautious.

Approaches to win that may help you much

  • You may or may not ring first but if you are confident for your answer then it may help you in winning the game.
  • In progression of the game, the number of points increase at each level as we proceed such as the first and second rounds have 100 points, third round has 200 points and the forth round contains 300 points to be won. So, it is essential to win the game of forth round to make your position safe in Family Feud. By winning forth round you will definitely get upto $20,000 as it is not usually achieved by the players. Best of luck to the winners.

It has been proved through surveys that winning Family Feud by adopting certain particular strategy is not possible as one has to give the answers two times to be recorded on the chart which may create certain misunderstandings which may cause adverse effect  to your gameplay. Thus, Family Feud can be won by preparing yourself competently and not following any particular strategy.