How Do I Become a Concrete Mason

At the time of unsettled economy and the job market being shaky, there is one profession that can bring you job; and that is Concrete Mason. By profession the requirement of this job is you need to be willing to do physical work, as a concrete mason aids in the construction work. The mason mixes, prepares and pours concrete in the blocks and is a very important part of construction work. The mason works towards creating a new building, house, shopping complexes, institution and also does the repair and maintenance of a construction.

Requirements to be a Concrete Mason

This is one profession which will bring work regularly and in the near future, there had been a growing demand for the job. One does not require get skill sets or education to become a concrete mason. A little attitude and willingness to work physically is enough to be concrete mixer. The few requirements of a Concrete Mason are:

  • You have to be 18 years old
  • Must be able to read and write English, basic maths is also required.
  • Must have done studies till 10grade, basic education helps, but there is an option to that also. OPCMIA Jobs Corps can help you solve the problem.
  • Must attend technical institute or do apprenticeship to learn the work
  • Main learning about the work comes with on the job training

The course of Concrete Mason

There are engineering and vocational training colleges which provide the basic knowledge of Concrete Mason. They teach you about the effect of temperature, weather which can have an effect on the mixing and pouring of cement. The course is generally a mix of study material or class room study and the practical on the site work.

The course is planned in a way to train the students about the facts of cement, for various types of construction, the mixing varies and it is not necessary everything is going to be same for different types of construction.

The fees of the course

One does not need to pay any tuition fee to be a Concrete Mason, if you are joining as apprentice. With the minimum payment for curriculum and the tools, one can start the course.

There are various contractors who offer the training as there is a huge demand for the job. You can download form from the internet and can find out about the details by browsing the net.

You can earn while you learn and that too can make a decent income and can have an assured job for a long duration.


For anyone to be a Concrete Mason, it is pertinent to complete 18 years, before that no one will take you for the job. Plus one must undergo the training part to understand the working of this line. You can get yourself enrolled with any of the engineering or trade organisation, which offer a training and study material for the profession. To be a Concrete Mason, you must have your own trowels of varying sizes and there is a need of some other tools as well.