How Do I Become a Dietary Manager

The person, who manages the nutritional options in diets of the patients in a hospital, school, college, hotels and restaurants or other long run dietary options and is responsible to plan nutritional options in diet of the recipients according to their needs and implementing the decisions effectively, is called dietary manager. A dietary manager has to plan and supervise production of nutritional diets prepared by the cooking and assisting staff for a group of persons like diets for children, sports diets for athletes, diet  in nursing homes as well as has to assure the compliance of food and sanitation laws by an employer or producer.

Becoming a dietary manager initially requires a degree from college and has to attend a training program for dietary managers, which includes theoretical as well as practical training in dietary management, which ends with a certification from the Dietary Management Association (DMA). In order to get promotions in your job, boost in your income or increase your excellence then you should go for advanced courses like bachelor’s degree in food nutrition or other food related courses.

You may get a job while you might be completing your course in you institution in normal routine. But you should consider all the career options of a dietary manager before joining one as it will set your field of action in future. Among various career options for a dietary manager comes management of food nutrition for clinics, nursing homes and hospitals, school and college dietary management, sports dietary management etc.

Dietary management of clinics, nursing homes and hospital involves the management of food items on the basis of medicinal grounds separately for all the groups of people enjoying it like doctors and nursing staff may need some other level of nutritional diets than the patients in the hospital or clinics. This type of communal diet management increases the responsibility of a dietary manager to supervise every type of food production in the same premises and get them serve effectively. He is also responsible of advising the patient about their dietary habits according to the suggestions of the physician. Similar are the activities for the groups of athletes, school and college students to be furnished by the dietary manager and to look after them with full responsibility.

Post-graduate degree or other higher studies are essential for a dietary manager to be become a specialist in his field as becoming a dietary manager on the basis of a mere graduate degree of nutrition may help you initially but the excellence in the field is necessary for proceeding to the higher position in this sector. Higher studies may include two years post-graduate course or doctoral degree PhD in food science which are essential to increase the options in the career of dietary manager.

Thus, one can become a dietary manager by getting the theoretical and practical training from a recognized institute from the Dietary Manager Association.