How Do I Become a Golf Course Manager

Basically, Golf is a ball game and golfers use various kinds of clubs to hit balls into series of holes on a golf course giving it a few strokes. Game golf is played on golf course that encompasses a series of holes and each hole comprises a teeing ground and a fairway. Interest alone in golf cannot carry you a long way to become a golf course manager. You should have a comprehensive degree program on golf course management. Certainly, the very first step in becoming a golf course manager is registering in a two year degree on successful completion of the undergraduate’s course or four year bachelor’s degree in golf course or turf management.

Curriculums include study of soil science, horticulture and pest management to provide students an overview to maintain a fascinating golf course. At the same time, couple of other courses concentrate on maintenance of golf course, landscaping, and functions of golf shops, personnel management and service to customers. Students can gain exposure and hands on experience by grabbing internship opportunities with irrigation organizations, facilities and event management tasks. And honestly, one must live and breathe golf to be a golf course manager. In other words, that amount of interest about golf and its applications, pitfalls during failures need to be smelt.

And once you have degree in hand, you can work as management trainee or assistant to similar positions. As a trainee you will be requested to assist golf facility managers in setting up maintenance employees who will be enforced to accomplish repair and service assignments, grooming the golf course and organizing meeting halls for events. Trainees are involved in core supervision of golf shops where they are exposed to client interface.  Learning starts from seeing, hence trainees are asked to watch the golf course whether it is meeting company standards including shaping hedges, trimming lawns and replacing worn out sprinkler heads. In this process, workforce is insisted to use pesticides to grass according to pesticides license, if demanded.

When all’s said and done, golf course managers administer operations and maintenance of golf courses. These professionals are responsible to review cost concurred in the maintenance process. However they will be barely responsible to record all financial papers and cost reduction. They will have to handle their team by assigning relevant objectives and assess them throughout on their performances. Golf managers need to promote the course within business groups and negotiate golf shop vendors on purchases. Managers certified under Professional Golfers Association (PGA) are considered as PGA certification assists applicants to enhance their managerial prospects.