How Do I Become a Periodontist

To become a Periodontist, it is important to first understand the meaning of the term. It is a branch out of the profession dentistry and is responsible for curing the problems related with the support system of teeth structure. Any gum related problem is taken care by a Periodontist. He or she takes care of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum related diseases like periodontitis or gingivitis or any gum injury or the like.

Periodontist as a profession

With growing awareness for beauty and the desire to give a bright smile has given rise in the demand of the profession. There is a huge demand for a Periodontist who can cure any gum problem and give a good shape to your teeth. As a profession, it is a very paying one and a Periodontist earns good money by grafting and other gum or other jaw bone related problem.

However to be a Periodontist one needs to have creative mind and should be able to work with deftness. It is like an art, which has to be done patiently and with care, callous attitude can be risky and can be quite dangerous for the patients. You must have a love for the profession to be a successful and famous Periodontist, else you will disappear in the horizon.

Requirements to be a Periodontist

If you have an interest and want to be a Periodontist, then you must be a BS or equivalent. Then after, you can apply with any of the Dental College to become a Periodontist. Nevertheless, you must remember that you have to qualify the admission procedure of the dental college that is generally a test followed by an interview.

At the preliminary level, one has to send the form along with the course which he or she has done. Once you have completed the course, then you only one can apply for the license for becoming a professional Periodontist.

One can find a list of the names of the colleges offering the course on the net. It is better if the student applies a year before the academic year. The admission procedure is lengthy, so it is beneficial if one applies while in undergraduate level.

One can find information related with colleges and the admission procedure online and some colleges even offer forms through the site.


Periodontist is a profession which is becoming very popular, as they also do cosmetic surgery and give a good smile to a patient. It is a profession which can bring both name and fame, so get enrolled with dental college if you have interest in gums and teeth. It will never let you stay without work, as there is an increase in the beauty conscious crowd. You can find everything about the profession online, especially about the colleges and the requirement of the college. One can also go for Phd to attain training and be a more experienced Periodontist and have a good professional life in future. You will also get information on from where to do Phd in America.