How Do I Become a Poet

Hundreds of hobbies are there for a human being. However, there is hardly any hobby out there better than poetry writing. It is not easy to write poetries. Once a person could manage to write poetry, then it would be incredibly easy for him or her to go on and on. But how could a person write that first poetry of his or her life? Let us discuss what a person should do to become a poet.

  • No matter you want to write poetry or anything else, you should have a very rich word bank. In fact, the importance of a huge word bank is more for the poets than any other writers. If you think that reading dictionary is the best way out to develop a word bank then you are thinking wrong. It easy extremely difficult and tedious to develop a word bank by reading dictionary. If you want to develop a word bank to become a poet, then you should read something or else by keeping a dictionary alongside you. When you read any new word and find that meaning from the dictionary at the time of reading then you can easily remember that word. You will better remember a new word, if you try to construct a sentence using that word.
  • Your grammatical knowledge should be flawless, if you want to be a poet. If you have already good grammatical knowledge, then you should brush that up. On the other hand, if you think that you still have to know something in the grammar, then you should go for a grammar lesson. You can read the grammar by your own self or you can take the help of any teacher for that. Internet could also help you to sharpen your grammatical knowledge.
  • Writing mesmerizing poetry is an art and if you want to master this art, then you have to read poetries, written by other poets. The more poetry you read, the better it would be for you. There are many poetry books available in the market written by famous poets, you should go ahead to read them out. You should not read those as you are reading because you have to read. In fact, you should try to suck the juice out of the poetries. When reading poetries is an act of enjoyment, then you would try to write poetries, by yourself.
  • Writing poetry cannot be done in a noisy or polluted place. You have to make yourself solitaire to write poetries. In fact, if you are seriously looking to become a poet, then you should shift to a house, which is far away from the noisy city crowd. If your home is present in the nature’s lap, then it would be easier for you to think and write poetries.