How Do I Build a Website

Website is a collection of correlated webpages and is used to perform some specific functionalities. Creating a website is not a simple task. First of all, you need to decide the type of website you want to develop and then start working on it. A website developer must understand the four fundamentals of web development.

  • Web designing
  • Programming
  • Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)
  • Web hosting

However, before going into web development you must understand website hierarchy or website model. The hierarchy consists of four layers

  • Web Design forms the 1st layer.
  • Scripting languages (linking web design and database server) forms the 2nd layer.
  • Relational Database Management System forms the 3rd layer.
  • Hosting forms the 4th layer.

Web designing

Web development starts with web designing. Design webpages and forms according to your need. You need to have a good knowledge of HTML along with CSS. CSS is used as a template and is attached to HTML tags. CSS is used to build dynamic websites. CSS file consist of classes which define different characteristics of a webpage such as color, style, size etc. of a webpage.

Photoshop is also used in web designing. Photoshop is used for making navigation bars, buttons, and picture editing which is frequently needed in web designing. Macromedia flash is also used in web designing to add plugins. Flash is often used for making flash based websites. Plugins are also developed in J-query and J-query works as a subsitute for flash. Nowadays, AJAX is implemented in Web designing to make dynamic web pages.


Web programming is usually done in HTML embedded scripting language such as PHP or in server side scripting language such as ASP. PHP is widely used for programming web pages and other general purpose web applications. PHP and ASP forms a connection between RDBMS server and web pages. MySQL is a RDBMS server and facilitates user access to a database through websites. These scrpting languages are also implemneted in the development of APIs or application interface programming. APIs are used for several server side functionalities such as integration of payment gatways. These scripting languages gives a robust framework between the web pages and the server.

RDMS Server

If you are looking to develop a forum or a website which deals with user information then you need to maintain a relational database. MySQL and Oracle are the most used RDMS servers. These RDBMS servers offer security, reliability, and flexibility to maintain sensitive data. MySQL along with PHP and Apache web server forms the golden triplet of web development.


Server is a supercomputer which runs 24X7 to power your website. Server works on the fundamentals of server-client architecture, where a website visitor is the client requesting for web pages and server is the computer which stores the web page. In order to run your website you need to hire space on a web server.