How do I Choose Best Order Management Software

While the science of order management (“OM”) has been around as long as there has been mail order, it has become super critical in the highly competitive world of Internet commerce, where vendors may only get one chance to impress a customer with on-time delivery of their products, great customer care, and accurate billing. Market today has grown up with so many technologies, tools and software’s which can be used by the business organizations or companies to move on efficiently. Fortunately, the typical growing ecommerce business doesn’t have to invent an order management system. As with many other aspects of the ecommerce business there are software tools available to help automate the task. First of all, order management software is an accounting software function which makes it possible to accurately track every order and shipment from its receipt to its delivery. Oder management software provides organization to a series of tasks that are interdependent. That series of tasks includes receiving orders, billing, shipping label creation, shipment pickup scheduling, accounting, inventory control and others. Whenever an entrepreneur has to decide which OM software to choose there are some critical points to consider. Experts suggests that one should match management software to organization sales channels as the channels can be one or more shopping carts, phone orders, mail order, Amazon, eBay,, and even walk-in traffic. So the first thing to do is to find software that will bring all of that together. The best order management software should be expandable and perfect in inventory control and import order.

Software should instantly display about non-movable items of inventory, which allows cutting down the number of items send to clearance to move them out of the store.

Order management software could show top 20 sellers so that more buying of the products, which earn a profit for your business, can be done. It can automatically create purchase orders based on sales history or re-order points. This allows tracking seasonal items, so one can more accurately forecast how much inventory to buy in a given season. Such software which saves you time should be considered. The software which shows you precisely where you are over-stocked and where you are under-stocked at any given time is profitable to be chosen. Managing inventory is one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of a business life, so the software that tracks by classification, matrix, seasonal order levels and department and which shows stock levels and sales history right on the purchase order screen is beneficial for the company. The software which has an integrated or third-party “open to buy” application. This is a feature that the big retailers and a few smart small retailers use to maximize their profits. With it you can more accurately predict how much inventory you need in your storerooms at any one time. This means you will more accurately match your inventory to the demands of your market.

So, all these factors should be considered while choosing the best order management software.