How do I Choose the Best Jewelry Cleaner

The happiest movement for any women in life is when she receives jewelry as a gift. We all are aware that it is very difficult to take care of precious jewellery and stones. Even with fine jewelry, it’s not easy to clean as it has lots of stones and design on it. The most difficult thing is to decide on how to clean it, what product to buy for cleaning. As various jewellery cleaners are available online so to choose the best cleanser for your jewellery is obviously a tough job. It needs extra precaution as cleaning such stones can loosen them or cause them to be lost.

Various things go into selecting jewelry cleaner, from the chemicals used to the metals being cleaned. Here are some points that you need to know while selecting an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

A jewelry cleaner can either be a machine like an ultrasonic or sonic jewelry cleaner or it can just be a cleaning agent. The best jewelry cleaner is one that keeps your jewelry clean, clear and shining, effectively removing all dust and dirt that has gathered over it, restoring its original sheen and seeing to it that the most minimum effort is required by you to clean your articles of jewelry.

While buying jewelry cleaner, it is very important to buy one with a timer. It is not safe to keep the jewelry for a long time in the cleaner. It can damage it. Ideal time should not be more than 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

First of all you need to see what jewelry you have before buying the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. That means, what substance is of your jewelry made of – if is made up of stones or metal like silver,copper etc. Diamonds and gold jewelry, are the purest of jewelry types. It can be cleaned pretty easily and effectively. The best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is one which has a drain dish at the bottom. An extra dish will not lead the jewelry to get too close to the ultrasonic source field and get damaged.

Buying a proper chemical jewelry cleaning solution along with the machine is equally important for proper jewelry care. In fact for first time cleaning can be done with plain water or mild cleansers can be used. Like, you can use a mild solution of water and liquid soap (avoid using detergent used for washing clothes).

Now we know what to look for in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Now you need to do a little bit of market research , here is more on which are the products and are the best for your jewelry type. Take a look at these products, not according to their ranking though.

You can get the good jewelry cleaners from Haier, Blitz, and Sharpertrek . They are ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that remove dirt through a process called cavitations in which more than 42, 000 high frequency energy waves are transmitted through the water or cleaning liquid which produce thousands of tiny bubbles that hit each other as well as the article placed in the cleaning tub and in the process jerks the dirt off its body. You can check the other products online keeping in mind the above points.