How Do I Choose the Best Moisturizing Soap

The moisturizing soaps are the ones which do not dry our skin after the bath and are gentle on the skin. Most of these soaps have moisturizing portion as glycerin, shea or cocoa butter. Due to the presence of these constituents these soaps are considered luxury soaps and are on the higher side in pricing when compared to normal soaps. The moisturizing soaps are of two types based on whether they are made of natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients. The natural ingredients include olive oil, almond oil and milk. These soaps are more expensive than the soaps which are widely and commercially available but these are not harsh on sensitive skin. The soaps with synthetic ingredients though give good results for long time but are considered harsh on the skin.

How do I choose the best moisturizing soap?

With lots of option available in the market these days for moisturizing soaps, it has become difficult to choose the right one for one self. However, when looking for a moisturizing soap it is best to consider several factors like ingredients, effectiveness and price and above all what suits your skin type the most. Some people have very sensitive skin and may develop sensitivity towards a synthetic moisturizing soap and hence for such skin type natural ingredients containing soap will suit the best. Many moisturizing soaps in the market use glycerin, cocoa butter and shea butter as the moisturizing base whereas others use synthetic moisturizers which lasts for longer period but are harsh on the skin. If you require moisturization for a longer period of time then you can opt for these soaps.

There much soap made of natural ingredients which are generally homemade and are bit more expensive than commercial soaps. These soaps have olive oil, almond oil or milk as their ingredients and are very gentle on the skin. These soaps can be an option for all those who find synthetic moisturizing soaps harsh on their skin. However, one disadvantage of these natural ingredients containing homemade soap is that they have a very small half-life period and spoil very easily. It may get spoiled in five months or so if not used.  Though till now the moisturizing soaps were associated with luxury and available only to privileged but now, with plethora of these soaps available it is no more considered a luxury. Hence it is best to buy a moisturizing soap suiting your skin type to keep your body moisturized during winter or any dry season. Decide the moisturizing soap based on your skin type and its ingredients.