How Do I Choose the Best Round Eyeglasses

How Do I Choose the Best Round Eyeglasses?


Eyeglasses are essential for better vision, clarity and safety. Presently, this trend of wearing attractive eyeglasses has turned out to be a style statement. In the earlier days, alternatives to round eyeglasses were scarce. Well-known personalities like John Lennon wore round eyeglasses. More recently, Harry Potter made his entry into the books and cinema wearing a type of round eyeglasses that has become a lasting favorite. So, how does one choose the best round eyeglasses?


Firstly, one should bear in mind that people mostly associate round eyeglasses with simplicity, genuineness and authenticity. Round eyeglasses need not be perfectly round; they may well have a flat upper rim.  Although round eyeglasses with funky designs have become popular too. Most metal frames now a day are lightweight yet strong and sturdy. Both men and women make use of metal frames. Gold and silver are all time favorites. Metals like titanium give a hi-fi look to a standard designs. Nevertheless, the younger generation has numerous options that makes a metallic frame looks less fashionable.


The choice of perfect men’s round frames depends on their skin color, face type and hair. Men with a fair complexion can prefer dark colors while those with dark or wheatish complexion can go for impartial colors like silver or grey. Your face type is an important factor too. Small glasses need to accompany a small face. Those who have a face elongated in a particular direction, or those with a broad forehead can always go for round eyeglasses. A few choice colors for men are dark brown, gunmetal and yellow gold. Best color choices for men’s plastic round eyeglass frames are tortoise, onyx, Havana and crystal blue.


Round plastic frames are extremely lightweight and come in a wide variety of colors, thus making it an ideal choice for women. Women can go for large round eyeglasses as these make them look stylish and deliciously malicious. Women personalities that portray looks with round eyeglasses are Paris Hilton and Sandra Bullock.


It is many-a-times difficult to lay hands on perfectly round eyeglasses. What advertisers portray as round may be more often than not oval shaped ones. Your choice in eyewear is a sign of your uniqueness. Round eyeglass frames are unquestionably the foremost accessory to achieve retro and timeless look. If you are into retro and classy look, round eyeglass frame are an indispensable part of your collection. A good amount of research will surely help you find the best round eyeglasses.