How Do I Choose the Best Shea Butter Body Lotion

Many body lotions these days contain Shea butter as it is considered to be a great moisturizer. It has exceptional moisturizing and softening abilities.  In addition, it is very soft and thus its application on the skin becomes easy. The seeds of the Shea tree contain Shea butter which is oily fat which contains vitamin A and E. It is a completely natural ingredient which is beneficial to the skin in many ways. Both, vitamin A and E are essential and good for skin. This is the reason why Shea butter has many additional benefits for the skin over moisturizing which includes the healing properties. It has anti-inflammation properties that make it a good healing agent.

For selecting the best body lotion with Shea butter, it is important to keep many things into consideration. The most important thing is to read the labels of the lotion carefully. The labels contain the details of all the ingredients of the lotion. By knowing the ingredients, you can check if it contains any ingredient which you are allergic to. Never buy a lotion that contains any constituent which you are allergic to. In addition, you also get to know about the concentration or percentage of Shea butter in the lotion.

Knowing your skin type and how much moisture your skin requires is also important. For those with a dry skin, it is important to select a lotion that contains large amount of Shea butter so that it can fulfill higher moisture demands of the skin. Similarly, ones with oily skin must not go for higher amounts of Shea butter in the lotion. Thus, knowing what type of skin you have can be very helpful in selecting the right Shea butter body lotion for yourself.

Keeping the season into account is also very important. Generally, our skin requires higher amount of moisture during winters as the dry air in winters makes our skin dry. Therefore, selecting a moisturizer with higher amounts of Shea butter is essential during winters. During summers, we want our skin to absorb the lotion quickly. In addition, our body does not require higher amount of moisture. Therefore, a light body lotion with lesser Shea butter can work well for the skin.

The ones with sensitive skin have to be most careful. It is important that you buy special body lotions that are meant for the ones with sensitive skin. It is important to ensure that you by a tested lotion to prevent your skin against problems like allergies from the lotion.

Keeping these factors in mind while buying Shea butter lotions can help in selecting the right Shea butter lotion.