How Do I Convert Shoe Size

Shoes are necessary to fashion our feet. We purchase shoes according to our choice. Sometimes we purchase the shoes from abroad to get special one. This isn’t an effortless task as the shoes we carry aren’t of single size. This matters to the size of our feet. By the diverse size of feet, the manufacturer of the shoes labels a shoe number. This number again varies from country to country. This is the major dilemma if we purchase our shoes from abroad. The shoe may not be according the desired size if we purchase from the abroad. Similarly, the shoe size of men and women varies a great. There is sole inequality in the shoe number between the shoes of same size of men and women. A woman of same foot size of a man wears the shoes of two sizes greater in shoe number. This is the chief standard behind the shoe size and difference between shoe size number between man and woman.

Dressing plays a vital role to make our personality tremendously. We dress ourselves according to the situation. We wear shoes by matching the dress. There are different companies that produce shoes of high quality. There some famous brand names in this concern. It’s not easy to buy shoes for another person. As we wear fitting shoes so we require shoes of different sizes. If a man seeks to procure a duo of shoes for a woman that has same size foot, the man must apply the above-mentioned principle regarding converting shoe size from man to woman.

The athletes wear the shoes; those are slightly bigger than the exact shoe size. They choose their shoes bigger for some reasons. As they contribute in the sports they require some different kind of shoes and bigger in size. Their feet swell sometimes; to overcome this problem they prefer the bigger shoes than the exact one. Sometimes they get injury at that time they adjust them with the bigger sized shoes.

The size of the shoes also varies among the countries. Therefore, we keen to establish a formula on the difference in the case of shoe numbers among different countries. This helps us to formulate to convert the shoe size from man to woman. If we purchase shoes from UK, we have generated a formula that dictates the conversion idea. In UK, women shoe number becomes two and half size greater than the man’s shoe number. Like UK in USA, the shoe-number varies between women and men in another proportion. There the shoe number of the woman becomes half size greater from man’s one. On the other hand European shoe size of a woman becomes thirty sizes greater than the woman shoe size of American. Therefore, we can comprehend there is an international policy to convert shoe size, between countries and women to men.