How Do I Decide Between a Treadmill or Elliptical

The treadmill has been the most popular machine used for regular exercisers both at gyms as well as home. People who own a treadmill rarely visit a gym for workouts. It has been in news for quite a long time and has retained its popularity especially for being used at home. The elliptical trainer is of recent origin but it has also captured the imagination of people and as a result it has also become quite popular for using at homes.

 The basic function of both the treadmill and the elliptical trainer is the same which is to give you aerobic workouts in your homes. However, some differences do exist. While you use the elliptical you get a more gentle work out because it is impact free, this is particularly suitable for people with joint problems. The treadmill on the other hand uses more impact and that enables the strengthening of your bones. One advantage of a treadmill is that it is very helpful to runners and joggers.

 People looking for cardiovascular workouts with good efficiency will find that the elliptical is ideal for their use. The elliptical is provided with double action handle bars and foot pedals. The handle bars are for exercising the arms and the pedals for the legs. The focus of treadmill is more on the lower part of your body because during the workouts a feeling of jogging is simulated. With the elliptical impact fewer workouts help in burning calories as much as what could be done using treadmills.

 With an elliptical you get the impression that you are getting the same result as a treadmill with less effort. Therefore, it is a choice of trainers for the rehabilitation of clients. It is also the favorite of people with knee problems. A study had shown that when it comes to the assessment of benefits especially with regard to calories burnt cardio respiratory health. Adding the elliptical in your home gym gives you variety because you can use either depending on the plan of exercise. 

 The popularity treadmill can be attributed mainly to the facility of changing the incline, to vary the intensity, changed incline of the cross arm and also not having to use the handle bars. The focus has always been on the lower body. The advantage of the elliptical is that you can change the direction of motion from forward to reverse. You get different forms of exercise during the forward and reverse motions. The lower part of the body gets attention and particularly the quadriceps muscles.