How do I Determine My Body Shape

The term body shape refers to the shape of the body of men and women and finding out with which geometric shape it resembles. Everyone is born with certain body shape. We cannot say that one shape is better than the other. It is just that how you can make the most of what you are born with. You must know about the various body shapes that a man and a woman can have like hourglass, rectangle, pear, apple and triangle.

Hourglass body shape: this shape is the perfect body shape. This shape has thin waist and equal bust and hip size. Though there can be an inch difference between the size of hips and bust. The perfect hourglass shape is that in which the difference between waist and bust and waist and hips is 9 inches.

Pear or spoon body shape: in this, there is a big difference between the hips and bust and hardly any difference between chest and waist. In this, the body stores the fat on hips and thighs. Apple body shape: in this, the waist measurement is higher than that of hips. It means average breast, large belly, and flat hips. Rectangle or ruler body shape: there is hardly any difference between the measurements of hips, bust and waist in this body shape. Triangle body shape: the triangle shaped body has larger bottom than the top of the body. A person with this body shape usually has narrow shoulders. Inverted triangle body shape is when you have larger top than the bottom of your body. These people usually have large bust.

Most of the women can have pear, hourglass, apple or ruler body shape and men can have ruler, apple and triangle body shape. You first make yourself aware of the basic body shapes and then you can measure yourself to determine which type of body shape you have. Measure yourself accurately. While taking measurement, try to wear minimal clothing. Wear clothing which suits your body shape. If you don’t have a perfect body shape you can create an illusion of perfect body shape by wearing certain type of clothing. Whatever body shape you have, you should enjoy with whatever you are born with and try to make the most of it. You should try to be fit by doing regular exercise and taking balanced diet. You can look different if you lose or gain weight.