How Do I Determine My Skin Undertones

Have you ever thought as to what is your skin undertone? Many people in fact get confused between skin color and skin undertone. Undertone is the color that seems to come from under the skin’s surface or simply it is the color that lies beneath your skin. The tone of your skin can change very quickly but that of the undertone never changes. It is very important for everybody to know about their skin undertone, because the corresponding makeup, clothing, jewelry and hair color can be matched as suitable. Otherwise it is likely for them to mess up their complete makeover.

Your skin undertone can fall under any of the following types.

  • Cool tones
  • Warm tones
  • Neutral tones.

To identify which type of skin undertone you have, is very easy. All that you need to do is to look at yourself in the mirror and observe the color of hair, eyes, skin and you know what? Even your veins could help you in determining the skin undertone. Let’s have a closer look.

Eyes and hair color-People with cool tones often tend to have green, grey and blue eyes with black, blonde and brown hair color. Those with black or brown eyes with red,blond,brown or black hair are believed to have a warm undertone.

Vein color-Try and have a close look at the color of the veins on your wrist in the natural day light. When the veins appear blue you could be one of those cool tone categories. When the veins look slightly on the greener side you are said to have a warm undertone and obviously when they appear to be with a mix of both these shades you rightly fall under neutral tone.

Face color-Cleanse your face and keep it free of hair by tying up a ponytail. Wrap your shoulders with a white cloth and look for the color of your face. When the face looks bluish it could indicate a cool undertone whereas warm tone is determined by a yellow reflection on the face.

Skin color-When pieces of fabric of golden and silver colors are kept next to your face, check which suits you the most. Cooler tones look great along with silver and warm skin tones look vibrant with gold. If you get more flattered towards bronze you could be one of those neutral skin tones.

Now you have identified the secret behind your skin. So what’s next? Go in for a suitable makeover and carry yourself with confidence.