How Do I Get a Social Security Card

Social Security is a program encompassing several social insurance and social welfare programs. This program is generally funded through payroll taxes. This program provides benefits during disability, retirement, death as well as survivorship. This Act was enacted on 14th of August, 1935 and was primarily made keeping the distress of orphans, widows, poor, aged and those ridden by poverty and unemployment. The pathetic conditions of most people in such circumstances persuaded the American government to procure this Social Security Act. It was assumed that the benefits provided to the needy through this Act would help resolve some serious problems in the American Society.

Since 1935, this program has been helping millions of citizens of America and is considered to be the greatest expenditure of the Federal Government. The prime aim of this program is to help poverty ridden people of America provide the basic necessities of life. Every American who is below the poverty line or is disabled has a right to obtain this Social Security Card. Even the unemployed and retires are benefitted through this program. Aged individuals are also assisted through this program as well as widows and orphans.

In order to get your Social Security Card you would be required to fill up an application and provide the essential details like age proof, identity proof, Citizenship of USA or the status of your legal immigration. You would have to submit documents in evidence of the aforementioned details. The application along with the documents would then be required to be mailed by you at the mailing address. If the applicant is aged above 12 years would need to go the office of the Social Security where an interview is generally held of the applicants.

The type of Social Security cards granted to you would depend on your immigration status and Citizenship. These cards are of three different types and are given out only after through assessment of the applicant. The first type of card just displays the social security number and the citizen’s name. This card type is exclusively offered only to those people who hold a valid US Citizenship. This card gives the privilege to the holder to work anywhere in US without any restrictions. This card is also issued tom those who are non-residents but have been granted a permanent stay in the country by the Department of Homeland Security.

The card next in line although has both social security number as well as name displayed on it yet does not grant the holder right to work. Such card is issued to those who are lawful non-citizens and provides them the right to assistance benefits. The Social Security number that is printed on the card helps them to avail the general benefits under the scheme. The card type ranked third in number also has the social security number and the name of the holder but with a warning of not pursuing any job without the prior permission of DHS (Department of Homeland Security). The DHS often grants such non-citizens temporary permit of work.