How Do I Get the Best 3G Coverage

Smart phone users rarely think how the facilities speed, reliability of using the phones have all come about. Networks have been developed over the years for the use of communication networks over the internet using mobile phones. 3G wireless networks have come about ad further development of the3G series. The3G wireless networks play a very big part in giving connectivity to your smart phone for variety of purposes. The 3G networks are not perfect and are all in a state of continuous development.

 All network services do not give equal service. With several of them in the field many of them reputed electronic companies; it is difficult to choose a particular one. Reviews appearing both in the print and electronic media are all incomplete and at best analyze the functioning of a few top rated companied in the field. Some reviewers have analyzed the performance 3GH networks in a number of cities, using different criteria for assessment. The reviews and the tests do not give rankings in terms of overall performance.

 Reviewer’s rankings are for different criteria used for assessment of 3G network providers. The testing teams chose March and April for assessing the performance of networks in select cities.  Speed and reliability were two important factors for testing and assessment. The speed test mainly relates to the time taken to download any file in your computer at each of the testing stations. The testers measured the speed for downloading and uploading. Reliability was also tested. In some cases the testers found mixed results in both with regard to speed and reliability.

 Some service providers had very fast speed for downloading and good reliability providing reasonably uninterrupted service without any speed variation. Others had less speed but better reliability. Yet others had average speed and reliability. The service providers have “Bars of Service” provided on the phones to indicate the quality of their service. It was found that the services very rarely functioned satisfactorily. If you want a guidance to get the best 3G coverage the ideal way is to go through the reports of these testers and decide which one will be the most suitable for your use.

 The quality of any 3G service is very much dependant on the strength and quality of the wireless signals that are received. Wireless signals by its very nature of how they travel are affected by a number of things. The two most important thins affecting the quality of signal are obstructions on the path and weather conditions which can vary from place to place and even during various period of day time and night. Other considerations are tower location, network cloud etc.