How Do I Keep a Carpet Clean

You can’t give your home the best look possible look without using the carpets. Your living room would not be complete in any way without a carpet. However, you should not be satisfied, after buying a carpet. Carpets can give your home a glittering look, when they kept, perfectly cleaned. Carpets attract dust. It is one of the attributes of the carpets. This is the reason why carpets are to be cleaned, more often than not. If you ignore cleaning your carpet, they not only look bad, but they may even smell foul and it is really ridiculous to have bad smelling carpets in your home.

To clean your carpets, you can depend upon the carpet cleaning service providers. However, you have to spend a handsome amount of money, if you are depending upon carpet cleaning service providers to clean your carpets. If you have free time in your hand, then you should clean your carpet, by yourself. By doing that you could save a handsome amount of money.

However, you should not think carpet cleaning as cleaning your clothes. Carpet cleaning is a more technical and delicate job. Carpets come at a huge cost and if you don’t take proper precautions at the time of cleaning those, then you may end up with damaging them. Let us discuss, how you could clean your carpets perfectly, without damaging those.

  • Before cleaning the carpets with the help of any soap or detergent, you should clean the carpets with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner will suck all the dust particles concealed in the carpets. The amount of dust particles is heavy as carpets attract dust; so, you should remove those dust particles before going ahead to clean your carpet to shine.
  • You should not use the soap or detergent you are using to clean your garments to clean the carpets. There are special kinds of shampoos available in the market to clean the carpets. Instead of using normal soaps or detergents, you should use the shampoos, which are especially made to clean carpets. You should not use any cheap quality carpet cleaning shampoos. Cheap quality shampoos may ruin your costly carpets.
  • Hand wash is best for carpets. You should not use your washing machine to clean your carpets.
  • It is not good to dry carpets directly under the sun. It is better to make them dry, using a dehumidifier. If you dry the carpets with the help of the sun shine, then there is a chance that your carpets will lose their color. However, if you are making them dry with the help of a dehumidifier, then there is no chance of losing the color.

If you keep the above mentioned points in your mind, then you could clean your carpets, successfully.

Different Types of Carpet

If you are planning to change the flooring of your home but your pocket is not allowing you to do the same? Carpeting the floor is the solution for it! There are a number of patterns of carpets available in the market. You can get value for every penny that you spend by choosing the best suitable design for your place. To name a few, the types of carpets include woven, velvet, saxony, cut and loop, cable and many more. The carpets will help you to enhance the look of your place and not even cost a lot. With a wide variety of shades and designs in which the carpets are available in the market, you should go for the ones that suit your place that is its interior and furniture and blend in it perfectly.

Types of carpets in details

  • Velvet
    They are also called plush carpets. One should opt for these carpets, if they are willing to give a formal look to their place. The velvet carpets are made up of a uniform color and are very smooth as they have a leveled structure. They can make any place look luxurious!
  • Cut and loop
    They are most suitable for informal areas where dirt gets settled easily. The different layers in these types of carpets help one to shed it off easily with a vacuum cleaner. The cut and loop carpet is preferred majorly for the living areas.
  • Saxony
    These carpets are made up of heavy yarn and appear to be thick. It can be best for a home décor or for business rooms. They are luxuriant and add grace to an area.
  • Cable
    If you are looking for a carpet for a bed room where you can sit and enjoy watching television, cable carpets would serve your purpose completely. They are soft carpets and quite thick so that one can sit over it comfortably.
  • Woven
    It is the best quality carpet that one can choose for his/her house. They are made up with the woven cloth and give an interesting look to one’s place.

This is not all! There are many more types of carpets available in the market and every type is entirely different form the other. If you are a person who wishes to change the look of his place time and again, the carpets are the optimal choice for you. The carpets can be changed and experimented with. The market is full of carpets are they are preferred by most of the people. The grace that a floor can get with a carpet cannot be compared with the normal floor. Go and buy carpets and save your money! The carpets will change look of your floor and make it a little interesting.

Remove Stains from Carpet

Oops! It sure is a challenging task to keep your carpet neat and clean with so much traffic over the places. Be it offices or home carpets each and every person who owns an exclusive piece of beautiful artistic carpet will be having their own stories of the stains that they are struggling to remove. The carpet placed in the kitchen or in the living room or in the bed room, wherever it has been displayed it has the elegance to enhance the beauty and style of the rooms. But usually these are the targeted object for those unwanted things whether it is the artistic paintwork of your little two year old kid or spilled grape juice, wine or beer, stuck chewing gum and food etc which might cause real mess and damages to your precious expensive carpets.

Types of Stains

Before treating and removing the stains it is essential that you understand the different types of stains. The three types of stains that spoil your carpet are-

  • Water based carpet stains. Example – alcohol, juices, clay, milk, vomit, blood, beer, latex paints or fruits.
  • Oil based carpet stains. Example – gravy, cosmetics, grease, crayons and ink.
  • Special water based carpet stains. – Urine, tea and coffee. Removing the odor and color of these kinds of stains is quiet difficult and therefore known as special stains.

The first important thing that you need to remember is that you should treat and remove the stains immediately or you might end up ruining your piece of elegance on the floor which can never be replaced. The basic initial steps to be taken are the following-

  • Gently remove or scoop the solid and liquid matters that has been spilled
  • Blot the stain by cleaning with a damp piece of cloth
  • Carefully blot and never scrub the stains because it might spread the stain over the carpet area which will worsen the condition and damages the fibers of the carpets so it can never again be replaced.

Solvents Used to Remove the Stains

  • Water is considered as the universal solvent which can be used for cleaning any stains. Therefore try to remove the stains initially by sprinkling water.
  • Oil based stains can be treated with petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Rub the jelly over the stains and scoop it with spoon. Then wash it with dish washing agents and water.
  • While there are mud stains then you can use the shaving lotion or cream to remove them. You can also us this method for removing water based and oil based stains.
  • The bad odor and stains caused by substances like blood or grease can be removed by using the baking soda, vinegar with the mixture of water to form a perfect solution for this problem.
  • WD40 is the ultimate choice for removing chewing gums or tar stains in your valuable carpets.
  • How do I Remove Wax from Carpet

    Candle is a beautiful invention that could be used for several purposes. In today’s world, the use of candles are not merely restricted for its practical purpose of bringing light to rooms, but extend to aesthetical purpose by using scented candles for decoration and not leaving alone its religious purpose. We all would love to have decorative candles round the house to make the evening beautiful. But would you still love them, when the wax melts and falls on your expensive carpets? You would react with a big Oops and say no more candles in the house. Hold on! Not to worry. Here are few tricks that could play magic on your carpets when wax fall on them and get dried up. Let’s go on a step by step process.

    • First step to go is to remove all possible hardened wax out of the carpet by scrapping using a blunt knife.
    • Then clear off all the debris with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
    • Now the job is to remove the wax that has gone deep into the rugs. For this you would require a hair dryer or a warm iron and a paper bag or a clean cloth (preferably white). Place the cloth or paper bag on top of the wax and gently run the iron the paper placed on the wax. Care should be taken to set the iron at mild or warm mode. Once the wax beneath starts to melt, it gets adhered on to the paper placed over it. Now by just removing the paper, the wax stuck to it also comes along making the carpet free of wax.
    • Wax removed, in most cases, will leave a stain behind on the carpet thus adding one more job to your list. For this, any carpet stain cleaner or a cloth stain remover can come into help. Sometimes vinegar or lemon juice becomes handy. So taking any of these solutions dipped in a cotton swab or sponge, dab on the stain without rubbing the same. Again rinsing should be done just by blotting with cold water on the stain and dry it off thoroughly. This could be repeated till the stain has completely vanished.

    Thus you don’t have to panic anymore for dried stains on your carpet. Nevertheless, you can still be very careful with carpets around in your house. After all they are not affordable to be brought very frequently or even exchanged.

    Remove Dried Paint from Carpet

    Carpets are such items which in these days have become not only expensive but also indispensable, becoming a part of home utility or house decorative products. You can hardly find houses without beautiful carpets in all sizes and varieties. Women never go down in their temptation to keep buying new ones to decorate their living rooms.

    Nevertheless, these carpets demand a good maintenance, requiring lot of effort in keeping them clean especially with small kids around. Not only that, it is equally difficult while shifting houses, for packing them neatly and carefully as well as while painting the interiors of the house, to keep them away from stains and dust. Doesn’t this remind of the stain of paint on that exported carpet which has dried up and has become almost impossible in getting rid of it? Here are few nice and easy suggestions to help you out to remove the dried paint form your carpet.

    It’s a known fact that, paint fallen on carpet is easy to be cleared when it is still wet. Just absorbent papers and a little bit of scrapping could serve good enough. But it becomes a problem when the paint dries up completely and goes deep inside the carpet. Let’s consider these widely used and yet effective tips as under.

    • For stubborn oil paints, try using some popular paint removers like RX, WD 40, Goof off, Goof off 2, Goo-Gone or any dry cleaning solutions which contains solvent. Sometimes even nail polish removers make wonders on such stains for it has acetone which clears off any dried stains. Firstly scrape the dried paint from the carpet as much as possible using a razor or a blunt knife also taking care of not spoiling the fiber much. When most of the paint is removed, you are still left with the residue which is settled deep inside the carpet. Now take a swab of cotton dipped well in the solutions suggested above and apply on the dried place and leave it to soak for few minutes. This helps in breaking down the paint and makes it little softer and easier to scrape it off completely. Now either sponge or spray cold water and dry up the area using a vacuum cleaner. Care should be taken to cover your hands with a pair of gloves and also your nose with a cloth since such solutions leave very strong fumes and could possibly affect your skin while using strong doses. However, these removers are also available in convenient aerosols making it easier and avoid messing up in hands.
    • For water based stains or rather dried water based paints, you can simply use detergent or soapy water and follow the similar instructions of blunt knife scrapping. This could be repeated till the paint doesn’t leave any trace of existence and finally dried up with vacuum cleaner or spread in hot sun.

    An additional tip is to avoid rubbing the affected area which might further worsen the problem by spreading the paint. These suggestions for sure surprise you by not only cleaning the carpet effectively but would also save you from that big chunk of money required to exchange and buy a new carpet.