How Do Wind Turbines Work

There are various renewable sources of energy god has gifted us. Do you know what the renewable resources are? Renewable energy sources are those sources which can be easily renewed. Wind energy is one among them. It’s been used for turning the turbines and to produce energy. This energy is then used for various household and commercial purposes. But have you ever wondered that how wind turbine works?

What if I say that air is a fluid? It may be harder for you to visualize air as a fluid as it is invisible. But consider it in this way, what is a fluid? Fluid is anything that has the potential to flow. Since air can flow, it can be thought of as a fluid. Only difference is that liquid fluids consist of atoms in a relatively closed manner as compared to gas. Air consists of relatively loose atomic arrangement. When the air flows fast, what we call as wind, its atoms start moving rapidly in random manner. The fast blowing nature of wind is the form of kinetic energy i.e. the energy possessed by anything when it is in motion. We can easily capture this kinetic energy and it can be used to rotate the turbines.

As we are able to capture the energy of the water falling from a height, in the same way, we can easily capture the kinetic energy possessed by the wind and can use it for rotating the turbines of the windmills. Turbines of the wind mills are designed in such way that they easily capture the wind energy. As they capture the energy, their turbines start moving which is then able to rotate the shaft connected to the rotor of the generator. This rotational energy of the shaft is then converted into electrical energy by the generator. And in this way electricity is created very easily.The credit of wind energy goes to the sun. When sun heats up a particular portion of the land mass, air around that area also absorbs some of the heat from the land mass and gets heated. In this way, air becomes hot. Now hot air starts rising up as hot air is lighter than cooler air. As hot air rises up, cool air flows to take its place. In this way, air gets energy and takes the form of wind.

This wind energy is easily converted into electricity in the above discussed way. It is used for various commercial purposes, only limitation being that for settling wind farms, large open areas are required at such locations where wind flows all the year round.