How Do You Tie a Tie

Every male should know how to tie a tie properly as most black tie affairs, formal and business meetings require one to wear bow ties or ties. Thus, it is important to know the different classic knot styles and how they look. It is essential to understand which styles complement different fabrics, occasions and shirt collars.

The length of the necktie should be such that its centre should come near the centre of belt buckle. Tall people and some larger knots like a Windsor knot require more fabric and thus they need longer neckties. The purpose of a tie knot is to fill the gap between the collars. So depending on the type of collar, the tie knot should be decided.

Half- Windsor knot, Four- in- hand knot and Windsor knot are some commonly used tie knots which have been there for a long time. Pratt is another tie knot which is commonly used these days, but was introduced in 1989.

Four-in-hand knot is one of the most used tie knots. It is a simple, small, asymmetrical tie knot, which is good for button-down shirts, regular spread collars. This knot has its origins in old England when coachmen used to knot their ties using this knot. This knot is suitable for every occasion. It uses the least amount of fabric and thus longer people prefer this knot as it does not shorten the length of the tie.

Half Windsor knot can be worn on any occasion and simpler to tie than a four-in-hand knot. Half Windsor is a symmetrical and triangular tie knot, and is apt for any business meeting. For this knot, light to medium weight fabrics and wider neckties are better.

Windsor tie knot is a big, wide triangular tie knot. It is also called the full Windsor or double Windsor and is worn for formal occasions. This knot became famous because of Duke of Windsor, hence the name. This knot should be chosen for wide collar shirts and not narrow ones. Since this knot is thick it shortens the length of the necktie. It is better not to use thick materials for this knot otherwise the resulting knot will look too big. This knot works well for business meetings.

The Pratt knot is a neat, symmetric tie knot which is not too big or too small. The knot is suitable for many occasions and for any kind of shirt. It has been proven that there are eighty five different ways to tie a tie knot. There are many other tie knots like Victoria Knot, Cavendish knot, Oriental knot, Nicky knot,  Hanover knot and more.

For most occasions, a double Windsor or Four-in-hand knots work but it depends on the occasion and fashion. For narrow ties, a smaller knot is preferred.